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Quarry Lake Park Enhancements

Quarry Lake Park is a valued community amenity that has seen it's use change over the past decade. This project has identified concept designs for a number of locations in the park, enhancing them to serve the usage that it is seeing today. The project utilized background information collected from the community in 2014 and subsequent planning information from that work.

Summary of Work to Date

  1. Council approved the updated Quarry Lake concept designs for planning purposes on May 5, 2020. To view a copy of the updated concept designs pdf click here (22.00 MB)
  2. The project is currently not funded. The Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation who co-owns the park will be undertaking a fundraising campaign for this project
  3. Feedback on the proposed concept designs was collected from Sept. 30 - Oct. 18, 2019. A summary of what was heard can be downloaded pdf here (917 KB)

Approved Concept Designs

To view the final concept design package pdf click here (22.00 MB)

Background Information

2014 Survey

Here are the results from the 2014 survey.

Note: Many of the questions were open-ended and the summary data is being provided in a word cloud. The word cloud summarizes the words mentioned most in each question and does not fully summarize all answers coming from each question.

pdf Quarry Lake Survey - Q5 data (66 KB)

2016 Quarry Lake Concept Plan Report

In 2016 a concept plan was developed identifying 11 areas for potential enhancements. These enhancements range from signage, improved trails, additional amenities including beach areas and picnic tables to paving of the parking area. To view the full report pdf click here (16.38 MB) . There are no plans to move forward with the full range of concepts presented in this document. The Town is looking to develop concept designs that address key locations including: the parking lot, north and south beaches, the hill where weddings regularly occur and a few key trail linkages.

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