Town of Canmore

Railway Avenue

Railway Avenue is a key transportation corridor connecting neighbourhoods with the Gateway District and Town Centre, is a main transit corridor, and is a destination in itself with businesses, homes, and Elevation Place among the properties on the corridor.

Project Goals

The Town of Canmore has identified enhancement of Railway Avenue to a Complete Street as an important transportation initiative in the near term.  During this time, we expect to plan, engage with stakeholders, complete a design, and undertake a staged construction process that will see the transformation of this corridor to the complete street backbone of our community.

Within the past two decades, Canmore has undertaken a number of significant planning studies including Town Centre and Gateway planning, transportation planning, and functional planning for a number of corridors including Railway Avenue. 

The Town's focus is to maximize the safety, convenience, and attractiveness of walking and cycling: creating equal opportunities to the automobile.  Through this approach, we seek to manage the growing demand on the transportation network, while maintaining and enhancing Canmore's small community feel. 

In 2014, Council approved an Integrated Transportation Plan that sees Canmore to be Alberta's premiere walking and bicycling community.  The primary objective of the ITP is to identify recommendations for the Town to achieve a 30% mode share for sustainable transportation modes by 2020.  Throughout the Railway design process, we will seek to build on this goal as we envision the long-term transportation needs of our community.  The ITP focuses on reshaping the transportation network to make it safer, welcoming to all users, and allow for the growth of the community.  It establishes a number of guiding principles and goals such as:

  • Provide access and mobility for all users of all ages and abilities
  • Create new connections for people walking and biking to reduce vehicle load and improve the capacity of this street
  • Improve connections to neighbourhoods and other places of interest
  • Reinforce the Town Centre as a commercial, civic, and cultural focal point in Canmore
  • Provide year-round active travel options

 By focusing our efforts on these principles and goals outlined in the ITP, we will address and support several of Council's priorities, including:

  • Address parking and congestion in the Town Centre
  • Implement local transit
  • Effectively manage infrastructure


Reference Documents

A number of important studies and plans have been developed over the years.  These plans add context to the vision for Railway Avenue and provide an important background reference for upcoming design efforts.  Through stakeholder engagement, we will build on these plans and designs to establish a way forward for the community based on current needs, best global practices, and the unique challenges and opportunities presented by our diverse culture and place in the Bow Valley. 



Engage on This Project

There will be a number of opportunities to get informed, share items you wish to have addressed with the design, and to see the design as it develops.  To stay current on what is happening with the Railway Avenue design, stay tuned here (email list sign-up coming soon), or follow the Town on Facebook and Twitter.