Town of Canmore

South Bow River Water Main Loop

This project is identified in the Utility Master Plan and consists of two main parts. The first part is connecting the Three Sisters Parkway pipeline with the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The second part of the project consists of piping modifications at the Waste Water Treatment Plant to facilitate the use of potable water in the plant and for fire suppression.

The first part of the project involves installing approximately 400 metres of piping from the Three Sisters Parkway to the Bow River, where it will connect with an existing pipeline under the Bow River and finally completed to the Waste Water Treatment Plant on the other side. The map below shows the approximate work area.

Construction Timelines

  • Work will start in early October and last for approximately two months.
  • Work will involve trenching in the area.
  • There will be truck traffic using local streets in the Morris/Van Horne area.
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