Town of Canmore

2020 Bus Stop Improvements

In 2020, the Town will be using prior grant funding from the Province of Alberta to undertake minor improvements to existing bus stops in town. These improvements will include the addition of concrete passenger loading areas, shelters, benches and bike racks in various locations. Work will also be undertaken to expand the existing bus stop in the Town Centre. 

The Town Centre stop serves both regional and local transit routes, and will continue to function as the central transit hub as transit service grows in future years. Improvements will include an expanded concrete waiting area for passengers, so that buses can load and unload onto a platform, which will improve accessibility for people using strollers, walkers and wheelchairs. Additional sheltered waiting space, benches and bicycle racks will also be added. There will be no net loss in the total number of parking stalls, though access to the north lot will be modified slightly to improve access and egress from that lot while buses are parked. Vehicles accessing these parking areas can transition between the south lane and 9th Street via 8th Avenue, or through the Arts Place parking lot. 


Work will start in the spring of 2020. 

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