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All Ages All Abilities Bicycle Network

Cycling is an efficient way to travel for many everyday trips. To encourage cycling as a viable form of transportation, it needs to be comfortable for all ages and abilities and to connect people to the places they want to go easily. Providing safe, comfortable facilities results in more people choosing to travel by bicycle, particularly women, children, and seniors. Most people aren’t comfortable travelling by bicycle on busy roads with high speeds. Creating a network that encourages more people to cycle for some of their trips will require separate, protected bicycle facilities on some of our roads, and reducing speeds on others.

Design Principles

A bicycle network that encourages use by people of all ages and abilities should adhere to these design principles:

  1. Direct: A network must offer direct access to and between a variety of places to commute, visit, spend time, shop, etc. 
  2. Safe: A truly safe network is one that is both statistically safe, and perceived to be safe. 
  3. Comfortable: A comfortable network is one that provides an enjoyable experience, such as using soft, smooth materials for travel surfaces and wide lanes and tracks to encourage social interaction and to easily pass another user.
  4. Continuous: A continuous network provides a seamless experience between and through intersections, and has no breaks or dead ends.
  5. Attractive: Quiet, clean, aesthetic streets are more pleasant, and thus attractive, than congested, noisy, polluted streets. 

The 2018 ITP Update details the planned pdf bicycle network (1.18 MB) .

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