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Neighbourhood Traffic Calming

Town Centre Traffic Calming

Are you planning to visit Canmore’s Town Centre soon? We are working on ways to improve traffic flows while helping you enjoy a safer and more comfortable environment whether you walk, cycle, or drive.  Watch for a variety of traffic calming changes being made to roads and intersections around downtown. 

  • The 4-way stop at 8 Ave & Main St is being removed
  • There will be a new 4-way stop at 7 Ave & 7 St 
  • New medians in crosswalks on 8 Ave
  • Changes to the timing of the signal lights at 6 Ave and Main St
  • A new speed limit of 30km/h throughout the Town Centre 


What is changing?




New 4-way stop (replacing 2-way stop)

7 Ave and 7 St

June 24

Makes the intersection safer for all users and

requested by nearby residents

Reducing speed to 30km/h in and around the Town Centre

10 St

8 Ave

6 Ave

Veterans’ Way (7 St)

June 29-July 1

Creates a safer and more comfortable environment for people walking, cycling, and driving, and will improve vehicular flow by assisting drivers in entering into traffic flow on busier streets. 


Requested by nearby residents. 

Changes to the timing of the signal lights:

The scramble phase will now operate for pedestrians 24h a day:

Between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., pedestrians will not need to the push the button.

Between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. pedestrians will need to push the button to get the walk phase. 

6 Ave and Main St

June 29

Traffic can flow uninterrupted around Main Street when both pedestrians and vehicles have a dedicated time to cross.

Removing three on-street parking stalls and a large shrub in SE corner

8 Ave and Veterans’ way (7 St)

July 6-July 17

To improve sightlines of the intersection and crosswalk.

Remove stop signs on 8 Ave to allow free-flowing traffic north-south and new yield signs on Main St (replacing 4-way stop)


Installing new pedestrian signs and medians in the crosswalks across 8 Ave

8 Ave and Main St

July 13-17

Facilitates the movement of traffic through town




Improve pedestrian safety

Installing a median in the crosswalk across 8 Ave at the intersection with Veteran’s Way.

8 Ave and Veterans’ way (7 St)

July 13-17

To help pedestrians cross 8 Avenue more safely, and to allow vehicles time to exit Veteran’s Way (7 Street)



Why do speed limits need to be reduced?
Reducing speed creates a safer and more comfortable environment for people walking, cycling, and driving, and will improve traffic flow by assisting drivers in entering into traffic on busier streets.
The Town of Canmore’s Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) recommends the adoption of speed limits that match roadway designs and environmental conditions. 
Environmental conditions around the Town Centre include high numbers of vulnerable road users, busy roads with high volumes of visitors looking for wayfinding, and proximity to significant commercial activity. 
Intersection and traffic flow changes are being made to support the movement of people and vehicles along arterial and collector roadways around the Town Centre, as identified in our ITP. 
As traffic calming measures are installed, it is important that speed limits match environmental road conditions, and can reduce Town of Canmore liability for accidents and injuries.
Will reducing speeds increase photo radar revenues?
Photo radar will not be used for enforcement in new 30km/h areas in 2020. If traffic calming and education doesn’t result in driver compliance, support for enforcement from the RCMP is an option.
How long will the intersection changes and speed reductions be in place?
These changes are not temporary - they are part of a long-term strategic plan to provide residents and visitors with a variety of safe travel options within the community.  
Why is the timing so short for north-south traffic at the traffic lights at 6 Ave and Main St?  
We encourage drivers on 6 Ave between 10 St and Main St who want to turn east towards Railway Ave to use 10th Street rather than making the southbound left turn at 6 Ave and Main. During busy periods, if vehicles make this movement, it is likely only one vehicle will be able to clear the intersection per cycle. If vehicles are travelling through in the southbound direction, there will be less delay. 
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