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Quarry Lake Paid Parking

Canmore experienced increased visitation to Quarry Lake in 2020, and parking demand exceeded the parking available. Spillover from the formal parking area affected Highway 742 and adjacent residential areas. Temporary measures were taken to manage overflow parking, including restricting parking. For 2021, we are proposing to begin charging for parking at Quarry Lake to help manage demand and fund operating costs associated with extra washrooms, and parking lot maintenance. To better manage spillover parking in neighborhoods, a Residential Parking Permit program is proposed on the closest portions of roadway within the adjacent neighbourhoods of Peaks of Grassi and Rundleview.

To learn more about parking management in Canmore, please review Canmore's Parking Management Plan.

Proposed Plan

  • Paid parking to be in place seasonally starting on the May Long weekend up to and including the September Long weekend.
  • Paid parking to be in effect seven days per week between the hours of 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Yellow Zone - Six stalls provided for dog walkers at no charge, with a one-hour time limit.
  • Orange Zone - Six stalls designated as a pick-up and drop-off zone at no charge, with a 15 minute time limit.
  • Green Zone - 57 stalls designated as all day parking, with the following prices:
    • 2 hrs - $5
    • 4 hrs - $10
    • All-day - $20
  • Blue Zone - 65 stalls designated as four-hour maximum parking, with the following prices:
    • 2 hrs - $5
    • 4 hrs - $10

*The above prices and stall allocations may be adjusted based on utilization rates. The goal of the program is to make sure there is parking available when it is needed.*

Residential Parking Spillover
We are proposing to implement a Residential Parking Permit Program in certain areas of the Peaks of Grassi and Rundleview neighbourhoods to address spillover parking issues for Quarry Lake. These zones will allow Bylaw Services to enforce parking in these zones effectively using new technology tied to license plate recognition.

Peaks of Grassi
The photo below outlines (in red) the proposed Residential Parking Permit Zone for the Peaks of Grassi. The only vehicles allowed to park in the area would be residents in the zone who register their vehicles, as well as visitor passes for those homes. No other parking would be allowed.

The photo below outlines (in red) the proposed Residential Parking Permit Zone for Rundleview. The zone would also include two-hour parking, which would allow vehicles to park for weddings in the area, as well as other short-term uses. Residents in the zone would be eligible to apply for permits, as well as visitor passes.

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