Town of Canmore

Studded Bike Tire Incentive Program

Encouraging more people to take some of their trips without the use of their vehicle is an important part of our transportation and climate action plans. The Town is launching a studded bike tire incentive program to help residents keep cycling all winter long.

The program will provide a rebate of $50 per tire, to a maximum of $100 per individual. The program has $5,000 for 2020, rebates will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until funding runs out. 

How it works

  1. The program is fully subscribed for 2019/2020 
  2. Rebate cheques will be mailed after January 16, 2020

Fine print

Rebates are only available to Canmore residents. While every effort will be made to communicate the status of the program funding, this is a new initiative and we cannot control the uptake or timing of when residents submit their applications. Sending in a form does not guarantee a rebate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why approve funding for studded bike tires?
We are working towards specific mode-share targets outlined in the Integrated Transportation Plan. Encouraging people to take some of their trips by non-vehicular modes is an important piece of achieving that goal, as well as our climate change targets. This incentive program is a way to encourage more people to take some of their trips by bicycle in the winter months.
Can I get a rebate for studded tires for my children?
Yes. If purchasing multiple studded bike tires for children or family members please fill in one rebate form per individual and attempt to get separate receipts. If separate receipts are not possible please note on the form and email submission that there is a combined receipt with another individual. 
What can I use for proof of address?
You can email a photo of your driver’s licence, the address section of recent utility bill, government-issued mail or front page of a lease agreement.
I’ve already bought studded tires. Can I still get the rebate?
The rebate is not retroactive. We understand that winter comes early in Canmore and that committed winter cyclists who proactively purchased studded tires are getting left out of this benefit. The timing of the program is dictated by the 2020 budget, which was approved on December 4. The rebate budget is limited and if we made it retroactive much of the budget would go to people who already have tires. 
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