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Transportation Improvement Program 2020

Transportation Improvement Program 2020 (TIP20) is a grouping of several approved projects for efficiency in design, procurement, and construction. These projects generally overlap in physical location, and all tie into the Bow Valley Trail / Benchlands Trail / Railway Ave intersection.

Construction Impacts - Updated April 13, 2021

Weekly updates will commence again in the spring when work has resumed. All local businesses in the area are open unless otherwise noted due to COVID-19.

  • Work in all project areas has re-started. Expect crews to be working on Palliser Trail, the Benchlands overpass, the main intersection and Bow Valley Trail.
  • Work on the Benchlands Trail overpass will begin towards the end of this week, or early next week. The first activity will be the removal of the concrete median on the bridge, creating the space to install the new multi-use pathway on the west side of the overpass. Once this work starts, the bridge will have single lane traffic in each direction with left turn bays for a period of up to two weeks. Please see diagram below for closure areas.


  • Installation of the new traffic lights is underway. The new lights will be "near side" traffic lights, with the stop lines painted further back from the intersection. The design is similar to the photo below.

Project Overview

To view the designs in detail, click full screen arrows in bottom right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the project be finished?
We are working towards a completion date of June 30, 2021.
Which paths are for cyclists and which are for pedestrians?
Red concrete has been used to mark out cycling lanes, grey concrete for pedestrians, and black asphalt paths are shared use.
Why isn't there a separate right turning lane coming down Benchlands Trail?
There is a separate right-turn lane. The right-turn lane will be better established once all work around the intersection is complete, as well as the work planned on the overpass further up Benchlands. 
Are the traffic lights installed on the wrong side of the road?
No, they are near-side traffic lights. Although uncommon in North America, this style of light is common in Europe due to their ability to better separate pedestrians/cyclists and vehicles, ultimately improving safety. The image below provides an example of near-side lights at an intersection.
The new lights aren't visible from the current stop line, will this be adjusted?
Yes, the stop lines will be adjusted if needed before the new system goes into operation.

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