Town of Canmore

Recreation & Facilities

The Town of Canmore enjoys a strong culture of recreation, adventure and outdoor activity. The Town of Canmore is home to a multi-purpose Recreation Centre, the vibrant Elevation Place, and many different outdoor parks and recreation areas throughout the valley. The Town also enjoys a never-ending supply of outdoor recreation opportunities thanks to it's incredible location situated in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Explore this section of the website to see what Canmore has to offer.

Elevation Place

Elevation Place is a vibrant recreation facility including a climbing gym, swimming pool, fitness rooms, library, art gallery, and large bright common areas.

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Canmore Recreation Centre

The Canmore Recreation Centre offers a variety of sport and leisure opportunities for all ages and year round continued learning, including skating rinks, and gymnastics facility.

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Programs, Classes & Registration

The Town of Canmore offers a wide variety of recreation programs & courses through it's many facilities.

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Trails & Pathways

Canmore offers an extensive trail network connecting downtown with the outer communities, and the legacy trail connecting Canmore to Banff.

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