Canmore Recreation Centre Lifecycle Maintenance Project

The Canmore Recreation Centre (CRC) is the largest municipal building in Canmore, serving residents, neighbouring communities, and traveling athletes. Built in three phases starting in 1983, many building components are nearing the end of their useful life cycle, a number of significant building codes have changed and aspects of the building no longer meet the current or future expectations of the community. The building will be undergoing significant construction starting in 2018 and lasting until the end of 2019. The primary objective of the project is to complete essential life cycle maintenance work on the CRC to ensure it remains safe, reliable and operational for the next 25-30 years.

This work will be split into two phases. Phase 1 of the work is in progress and involves identification of scope and design. Phase 2 involved the actual construction of the work and will span 2018 and 2019. It is important to note that the building will remain open during construction with the construction being done in phases, however, there will be impacts to users during construction.

This project involves:

  • Life cycle maintenance such as building system replacements such as HVAC, electrical and mechanical, roof updates, updating interior fixtures/finishes.
  • Required building code updates.
  • Replacement of the existing ice plant.
  • Optimizing space and layout of the building.
  • Updates to change rooms including sight line improvements and the addition of a flex change room.


Floor Plans (June 20 revision)

Level 1 - Detailed PDF  pdf 2017 06 20 CRC Scope Report Floor Plan Poster 1 (422 KB)

Level 2 - Detailed PDF  pdf 2017 06 20 CRC Scope Report Floor Plan Poster 2 (318 KB)

Construction Timelines

*Note that these are subject to change. Once a firm timeline is established updates on construction and impacts to users will be posted here and in the building.*

  • Schematic & Design Development – Now until August
  • Tender & Construction Documents – Complete by December 2017
  • Tender – Fall 2017 to early 2018
  • Construction – Early 2018 to end 2019