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This calendar provides information on the following at the Canmore Recreation Centre:

  • skating schedule
  • walking lane schedule - currently located at Elevation Place during construction

The calendar is subject to change. The Canmore Recreation Centre is currently undergoing significant construction work. The facility will remain open during the project, however there will be disruptions to users of the facility. For more information on the project including current work click here.

Ice Rink Calendar

October 2019
 1.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate2.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:45pm-3:45pm Public Skate TIME CHANGE3.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate4.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane10:00am-11:30am Active Family Play - Canmore Rec Centre Room 11512:00pm-1:00pm Public Skate CANCELLED1:15pm-2:15pm Under 12 Sticks & Pucks with Mom & Dad CANCELLED2:30pm-3:30pm Youth Shinny/Full Equipment Ages 12 to 175.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane4:15pm-5:45pm Public Skate
6.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane3:45pm-5:15pm Public Skate 7.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate8.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate9.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate10.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate11.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane10:00am-11:30am Active Family Play12:00pm-1:00pm Public Skate1:15pm-2:15pm Under 12 Sticks & Pucks with Mom & Dad2:30pm-3:30pm Youth Shinny Full/Equip Ages 12 to 1712.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane3:45pm-5:15pm Public Skate
13.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane3:45pm-5:15pm Public Skate 14.2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 15.2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 16.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 17.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 18.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane10:00am-11:30am Active Family Play1:00pm-2:30pm Public Skate 19.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane
20.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane21.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 22.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 23.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 24.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 25.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane10:00am-11:30am Active Family Play12:00pm-1:00pm Public Skate1:15pm-2:15pm Under 12 Sticks & Pucks with Mom & Dad2:30pm-3:30pm Youth Shinny/Full Equip Ages 12 to 1726.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane3:45pm-5:15pm Public Skate
27.8:00am-10:00am Walking Lane3:45pm-5:15pm Public Skate 28.8:00am-12:30pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate29.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate30.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate31.11:45am-1:00pm Walking Lane2:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate 

October 2019

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Monday, October 142:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate
Tuesday, October 152:00pm-3:30pm Public Skate
Saturday, October 198:00am-10:00am Walking Lane
Sunday, October 208:00am-10:00am Walking Lane
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