Town of Canmore

Skate Park

The Town of Canmore’s skateboard park is located at the Recreation Centre and is free for all to use. The skateboard park is designed for boarders of all abilities focusing on young boarders developing skills while having a good time.  



PLEASE NOTE: The skateboard park is UNSUPERVISED.  Ride at your own risk. The Town of Canmore is not responsible for injury to park users or for damaged property.

Skaters need to follow these commandments:

  • Wear a helmet 
  • Wear additional protective gear 
  • Check the park for debris
  • Communicate with other boarders
  • Board safely and within your abilities

Thou shall not:

  • Board in wet or snowy conditions
  • Bring home made props or jumps
  • Alter the parks’ permanent features
  • Clutter up the joint



Throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons the skateboard park is regularly inspected by Town of Canmore staff.

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