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Elevation Place FAQs

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How do I sign into an online account?
1. Go to 

2. Click on MY ACCOUNT 

Have you already been to Elevation Place or signed up for a course?

1. If you have never signed in online, but you have signed a waiver, held a membership, signed up for a course or camp, or have otherwise used an email address with Elevation Place, click FORGOTTEN PASSWORD to set up a new password.

2. Log in using the email address linked to your account with Elevation Place. if you do no know which email address is linked to your account, please phone the Customer Experience desk at 403-678-8920 ext. 0. 

Is this your first time visiting Elevation Place?

1. If you have never visited Elevation Place or provided your email, create an account under MY ACCOUNT.
2. Enter all personal details, age category, email address, phone number, and create your password. 

Adding Family Members to your account
If you do not have a family group already created, contact the Customer Experience Desk by phone at 403-678-8920 ext 0. A Customer Experience agent will need to set up your family group. This cannot be done online. 

How do I make a booking?

*important* Each person (of any age) entering the facility requires a booking. Read “How do I book for a family member” below for more information

1. Once signed into your account, click on the PROGRAM AREAS in the top toolbar, then click Activity Bookings

2. Click through the activity of your choice, making sure to continue to click until you reach the booking page. You will need to click on either the photo or the paragraph to get to the next page. NOTE: Please allow time for the page to load

3. The default view on the booking page is set to today. Make sure to double check the date and time you wish to book. Members can book three days in advance, and non-members can book one day in advance

4. Once you are happy with the reservations in your cart, click checkout to confirm the booking(s)

5. Please note that you will not get a confirmation email, please click on your name and then appointments to view your upcoming appointments

How do I book for a family member?

1. Once signed into your account, click through the activity bookings pages and select the day you would like to book. In order to book three days in advance each member of your family for whom you are booking must have a membership.

2. To book a family member, select a name from the participants drop down menu, and click the blue GO BUTTON. Wait for the page to load, and continue booking. If you do not select the GO BUTTON it will book the appointment under the account holders’ name.

3. If you do not see your family members, please call us to set up a family group 403-678-8920 x0. Each family member (all ages) must be booked individually in order to secure a spot. Click continue shopping in your cart to add another family member, and repeat the steps above.

4. Once you are happy with the reservations in your cart, click checkout to confirm the booking(s)

How do I see my bookings?

You will not receive an email confirmation once you make a booking

1. To see your appointments, ensure that you are logged into your account.

2. Click on your name on the top right corner

3. Click on Appointments, then you will be able to see all your appointments

How do I cancel my booking?
We currently do not have the capacity to cancel a booking online. If you wish to cancel your booking, please phone the Customer Experience Desk at 403-678-8920 ext. 0 and leave a message with your name, the time of your booking, and your booking type (climbing, fitness, aquatics, or group fitness class). Alternatively, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Trouble Shooting 

Error Message when logging in

  1. Are using the correct email that is assigned to your Elevation Place account?
  2. Are the email and password spelt correctly?
  3. Do you have any outstanding payments with the Town of Canmore? 
  4. Did you check your junk folder for your reset password link?

Unable to book three days in advance

  1. Are you logged in (do you see your name in the top right of the screen) with the email associated with your membership?
  2. Do you have an active membership? Punch passes are not considered memberships
  3. Do you have multiple tabs open where you are logged in?

Incorrect Password Error

If you receive an error message when logging into your account that says an “incorrect password has been entered too many times”. This means that you have a client restriction on your account and you will need to contact the Customer Experience desk at 403.678.8920 ext. 0

Password in use Error

  1. Ensure that you are not using the same password as you have used previously
  2. Do you already have an account with Elevation Place, signed a waiver or took a course with us? Click forgotten password – this will send a link directly to the email we have on file for you
  3. Contact Customer Experience if you don’t know the email address that you have on your account 403-678-8920 ext. 0
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