Town of Canmore

Summer Activities

Canmore offers a extensive list of summer activities that can be enjoyed from March until October. Activities are available for all ages... from easy walking throughout the town and along the river, to world class rock & alpine climbing on the mountains in and around the town. 

Hiking in Canmore

Canmore and the surrounding area is home to a wide variety of hiking trails.  The options range from strolls around the river to multi day backpacking trips.  For some of the most popular trails.  To get started you can visit for information on some local hikes and there are many books in local stores that will offer comprehensive information on trails in the area.

Mountain & Road Biking

Canmore is home to a variety of mountain and road biking opportunities.  There are a variety of mountain bike rides in the area to suit different ability and fitness levels.  There are also a variety of options for road biking, whether you are looking for an all day adventure or a shorter loop around Town.

For more information on Biking in and around canmore, visit our Bike & Walking Trails page.

Rock Climbing

Canmore is home to a large and passionate climbing community.  There are a number of climbing areas within a short drive from the townsite of Canmore.  You can also try indoor climbing at Elevation Place

Mountain Bike Skills Parks

Canmore has three skills parks for biking, Millenium Skills Park, Benchlands Trail Skills Park and the Canmore Nordic Centre. The Millenium Mountain bike skills park features a pump track with a variety of lines and an area with different skinnies. The Benchlands Trail skills park has a variety of jump lines as well as various skinnies and rock bridges for all levels.

Tennis and Pickleball

Canmore is home to a number of outdoor courts, hosting both tennis and pickleball. For further information on court bookings and drop-in opportunities please contact:


Pickleball: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Located at the Canmore Recreation Centre, this skate spot offers flow and street style features.


Disc Golf

The Three Sisters disc golf course is 9 holes in length and offers a challenge for players of all ability levels.  A great family activity that offers the chance to get outside, walk around and challenge your family & friends in a fun environment.  The course is FREE to access.  Another disc golf course is available at the Canmore Nordic Centre that offers more challenge if that is what you are looking for.

Located on Three Sisters Boulevard, the course can be easily accessed off of Three Sisters Parkway.


  • Please use the portable washroom that is located on site near the first hole
  • The rules of the game are located at the first hole if you are not familiar with how to play
  • You are encouraged to play the holes in order
  • Respect other users of the course and of the park
  • Respect the private property of home owners that line the park/course

Free/Low Cost Fun Ideas

Are you looking for something to do in Canmore that is free or low cost. Click here for some ideas. 


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