Canmore is lucky to enjoy a trail network with excellent coverage, with over 160km of trails within town boundaries. Our trail system includes paved trails, gravel trails, as well as singletrack and hiking trails. If you'd like to get out for a run, a ride or even a hike, options for all ages and abilities are available, whether you're mountain biking, trail running, or just looking for a leisurely cruise along the river paths.

Maps and information

  pdf Bow Valley East - Hi-res Trail Map (10.44 MB)

  pdf Bow Valley East - Low-res Trail Map (1.37 MB)

  pdf Bow Valley West - High-res Trail Map (10.12 MB)

  pdf Bow Valley West - Low-res Trail Map (1.38 MB)

Legacy Trail

pdf Download the Legacy Trail Map (2.58 MB)

The Rocky Mountain Legacy Trail offers cyclist, pedestrians, and other users a fantastic new 4.5km link from the Town of Canmore to the Banff Park East Gate. Users can now enjoy 20km of continuous scenic paved pathway connecting the communities of Banff and Canmore.

It can be busy on the trail. Expect to encounter other users of varying abilities. This multi-use recreation path is built for the enjoyment of diverse users – from cyclists to skateboarders, pedestrians, and in-line skaters. To ensure enjoyment of all users, please be considerate: 

  • Travel at a reasonable and controlled speed
  • Be courteous to slower users
  • Always keep to the right
  • Wear a helmet
  • Announce "on your left" and pass with care at a reasonable pace
  • Horses always have the right of way; stop and allow horses to pass safely
  • Pets must be leashed

2016 News

  • The proposal to spend from an existing capital project to fund the Benchlands Flow Trail was voted down by Council in September 2016 
  • There are more trail map signs going up around town.
  • We have been working with partners to develop the Canmore Trail Alliance, and help support volunteer trail building and maintenance.
  • Some of the trail network in the South Canmore habitat patch (the section closest to Millenium Park) has been signed, and some of the less-used trails will be closed off to human use.
  • Working with the Alberta Conservation Association on their land in Eagle Terrace. They have designated official trails in the area, as well as closing off some of the less-used trails.
  • Creating improved signage for wildlife corridor boundaries and trail junctions - together with Alberta Parks and the Human Use Management Review steering committee.
  • We're hoping to also get to work on some trail maintenance and changes in the Douglas Fir bench area of the Montane trail network, including the creation of an official link between the Palliser buildings and the Montane trails (likely to largely follow existing unofficial trail alignment)


  pdf Open Space and Trails Plan 2015 (3.78 MB)