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Since 1981, the Alberta Building Code has included a 10 minute response time for emergency services. A building that is located further than 10 minutes from the fire hall is required to provide additional fire protection, including:

  • non-combustible siding
  • no side yard windows
  • install sprinklers
  • and/or increase the distance from property lines

Buildings that incorporate these changes are able to slow the spread of fire and delay a fire becoming out of control - or a high intensity residential fire.

The High Intensity Residential Fires (HIRF) review of the Alberta Building Code updated how to measure the 10 minute response time for emergency services. In Canmore, our Fire-Rescue Services response time includes: call handling, crew assembly at the fire hall, travel time, and setup on scene. The update requires a fire department engine capable of beginning exterior exposure protection and suppression activities arriving at the scene of the fire staffed with a crew of firefighters within 10 minutes.

All Building Permit applications will be required to meet the updated 10 Minute Response Time map which can be found here (on the layer list menu on the right hand side of the page, check the box next to "Building Code Ten Minute Response Time")

Advice to Applicants

Property owners, developers and applicants are strongly advised to review the requirements of the Alberta Building Code should they intend to build in the near future.


Contact the Planning & Development Department at 403.678.1543 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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