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Once your application for a Building Permit has been approved, it is subject to the following Alberta Building Code requirements being incorporated into the work.

Contact Superior Safety Codes Inc. office at 1.888.717.2344 to arrange for the required inspections as outlined in the letter attached to your permit. Such inspections include but are not limited to: foundation, pre-insulation framing, insulation and vapour barrier and a final inspection before occupancy. Please provide your building permit number when you call to book your inspection. A minimum of 48 hours is required for booking. The inspector conducts inspections in Canmore Tuesday and Thursday weekly.

Failure to contact Superior Safety Codes Inc. for inspections could result in the need to uncover completed work to ensure that the work complies with the Alberta Building Code.

Other projects, such as the construction of a deck may require fewer inspections. In the case of a deck renovation, it is likely that only a final inspection would be carried out.

Safety Codes Inspections

At stages during construction, the Town of Canmore's Safety Codes Officer (Building Inspector) will need to carry out inspections of the work. Depending on the scope of work the number of inspections may vary. For example, the construction of a new home requires a minimum of four inspections at the following stages:

  • Foundation Inspection - Occurs before the foundation is backfilled
  • Framing Inspection - Occurs after electrical and mechanical is installed but before insulation is installed
  • Vapour Barrier & Insulation Inspection - Occurs after the insulation and vapour barrier is installed but before drywall is installed
  • Final Inspection - Occurs prior to occupying the building.

Electrical, Gas or Plumbing Permits  

If the project you are proposing to undertake involves electrical, gas or plumbing work, you will need to obtain the relevant permits from an accredited agency. Below is a list of agencies that are accredited to issue electrical, gas and plumbing permits and to monitor compliance in Canmore.

Agency Name Phone Fax
Davis Inspection Services Ltd. 403.275.3338 1.800.639.0912 403.275.9790
IJD Inspections Ltd. 403.346.6533 1.877.617.8776 403.347.2533
Park Enterprises 403.329.3747 1.800.621.5440 403.329.8514 1.866.406.8484
Superior Safety Codes Inc. 1.888.717.2344 1.888.717.2340
The Inspections Group 780.454.5048 1.866.554.5048 780.454.5222 1.866.454.5222

For additional information on electrical, gas and plumbing permits please visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

Municipal Services Inspections

When the scope of a building permit includes tying in to municipal services (sewer and water), an inspection of these tie ins is required. This inspection must take place before the services are buried. For projects of 3 dwelling units or less, the Town of Canmore conducts these inspections. For commercial projects or those including more than three dwelling units, a consulting engineer must be engaged to carry out the inspections and issue a certificate of compliance. To book an inspection for projects of less than 3 dwelling units, please contact the Engineering Technician at 403.678.1528. Engineering inspections must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Consulting Engineer and Consultant Inspections

Where a building permit application contains letter(s) of engagement from consulting engineer(s) or a consultant, the consulting engineer(s) or consultant must carry out their inspections and copies of the reports must be submitted to the Town of Canmore. Please ensure that you book your inspections in a timely manner as in many cases work cannot proceed until after the inspection is carried out. Please contact your consulting engineer(s) and consultant(s) to determine when their inspections should take place. Some examples of inspections that are commonly carried out by consulting engineers as part of issuing a report include structural roof inspections and retaining wall/slope stability inspections. An example of an inspection commonly carried out by a consultant would be a blower door test as part of the federal EnerGuide Program. It is important to note that the Town of Canmore will not close the Building Permit or issue occupancy until all of the consultant reports have been submitted.

Occupancy Inspections

Contact Superior Safety Codes Inc. office at 1.888.717.2344 to arrange for an occupancy inspection, allowing a minimum of 48 hours to book. After phoning the Town office, you may contact EPCOR at 403.609.4781 to arrange for a water meter.

Once your inspection has passed the occupancy procedure can be initiated:

  • Safety Codes officer provided a final inspection report indicating that construction meetings the Alberta Building Code.
  • A development officer will inspect the property to ensure all outstanding conditions of the building permit are complete.
  • Engineering services ensures that the construction completion certificates for the site infrastructure and drainage are in place where applicable.
  • The Town will issue an occupancy certificate and contact EPCOR to have the water turned on and meter installed (if not so prior), once all these requirements are met and completed.

It is important to note that passing the final inspection does not mean that it is okay to occupy a building. Occupying a building without a valid occupancy permit or removing a water spacer is unlawful and subject to fines.

Under some circumstances, the Town of Canmore may grant conditional occupancy for a building or unit. In these cases, the occupancy permit will be granted with conditions attached with dates by which the conditions must be addressed. Please read your occupancy certificate and ensure that any conditions that are listed on it are met by the prescribed date. Should the conditions of occupancy not be met by the outlined dates, the occupancy for the building may be revoked and the water turned off. A building permit is still open until all conditions of occupancy are completed. If no conditions are listed on your occupancy certificate then the building permit will be closed.

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