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The Power of the Travelling Neighbourhood Plate

January 30, 2019

The little plate that could..

"I filled my newly minted plate in early December and passed it on to a neighbour, honestly not expecting to see the plate ever again. However, when I returned from the UK after Christmas, I discovered the plate full of cookies in my house.  Turns out a neighbour had paid a visit to my pet-sitter!  Seeing the plate again was surprising enough, but it was the little zip lock bag that came along with the plate (which I had not included in the plate’s first journey) that was the real surprise. Inside the bag was a running list of names and addresses of all the people who received and passed the plate along Turns out this little plate had visited 24 homes in the span of about 5 weeks! How awesome is that?!"


December 3, 2018

The travelling neighbourhood plate is about connecting with neighbours, giving and random acts of kindness. The idea is to fill the plate with special treats, pass it along to a neighbour- ideally to someone you don’t know well. That neighbour enjoys the gift and does the same for another neighbour. The goal is to build connections in the very places we live, with the people who surround us each and every day. It is one small (but very powerful) way to Do Good in Your ‘Hood!

Facilitated plate making workshops have resulted in over 40 plates sent travelling in various neighbourhoods around Canmore. If you would like to create one for your neighbourhood, please stop by the Town of Canmore, FCSS Office (902-7th Avenue) to pick up supplies and instructions! It is a fun, family-friendly activities for individuals of all ages and abilities. The gift is in the connection and giving!


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