Benchlands Trail and Elk Run Boulevard Intersection Enhancement

The design of our roadways is fundamental to our quality of life and the livability of our community. Mobility goals have changed over the years to better suit our community values.

Mobility Goals

  • Manage current and future mobility demands by providing a range of safe, comfortable and efficient transportation options to people of all ages and abilities;
  • Provide excellent multi-modal connectivity between neighbourhoods and destinations;
  • Maintain or enhance Canmore's sense of place including the Town Centre as the heart of our community;
  • Create conditions for sustained, high-quality, year-round maintenance of transportation facilities.
  • Create equality between the different ways people move and among all members of our community.


The Roundabout is Now Open

Thank you for your patience during construction. The bus stop will be completed by November 1, with major pathway connections complete prior to November 15. Final pathway completion and landscaping will take place in Spring 2017. There was a significant amount of thought put into pedestrian/cyclist safety at this roundabout. Along with transit, comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists were the prime considerations for most design decisions.

Design Considerations

  • Improved pathways around roundabout. Cyclists and pedestrians encouraged through improved facilities and connectivity to stay off road.
  • Decreased lane width will help contribute to average speed reductions.
  • Crossing distances of 4.0m vs 9.0m previously and 4.5m at Bow Valley Trail (BVT).
  • Smooth transitions between paths and crossings for comfort and snow clearing.
  • Crossings are roughly level, BVT pathways drop down from a higher grade on the east side.
  • Crossings are generally not obscured by trees and shrubs with the exception of the west leg (behind the eagle).
  • Landscaping design will be done over the winter, leaving ample opportunity to observe the flow before final decisions on landscaping are made.

The map below shows how the new roundabout is expected to look after construction is finished:


Who Benefits

  • Drivers that don’t have to stop at a three-way stop intersection.
  • The transit system and transit riders through the best connectivity and facilities we can provide for Eagle Terrace with the planned routes.
  • The people who walk and cycle through this intersection through significant improvements to connectivity, comfort and safety.
  • Visitors to Cougar Creek/Eagle Terrace.