Town of Canmore

A diverse community is one that comprises people from all walks of life including a strong base of middle-class families, young adults, professionals, and senior citizens.  In order to maintain that diversity we have to make sure we can provide a variety of housing so that everyone has a place to call home. In the Spring of 2016 the Town conducted a community conversation centered around “How can we create affordable housing and maintain neighborhood character?” The project had numerous opportunities for residents to give their input on a variety of high level issues surrounding housing in Canmore.

Accessory Suites

An accessory suite is a collective term for the various types of suites - secondary suites, garden suites, and garage suites.

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Everyone needs a home

The Affordable Services Program is a coordinated community response to the extreme affordability gap that exists in Canmore. This program will provide access to supports aimed at making Canmore a Livable Community for all.

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Moustache Lands - Employee Housing

In July Council approved a motion to release an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the development of micro employee housing and/or purpose built rental units on the Town owned lands at 1451 Palliser Trail.

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Old Daycare Lands

The Daycare lands are a new opportunity for the Town of Canmore to provide affordable housing for Town of Canmore Residents.

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Vacation Rentals

Learn more about the regulations surrounding tourist homes, vacation rentals, short term accomodations, and AirBnB in the community of Canmore.

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