Moustache Lands Employee Housing

Employee Housing/Purpose Built Rental Housing - Moustache Lands

What is this you ask? In July Council approved a motion to release an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the development of employee housing and/or purpose built rental units on the Town owned lands at 1451 Palliser Trail. The purpose of the Palliser lands project is to ensure the provision of new housing stock that can contribute to addressing the issue of available and affordable housing in Canmore. The project is intended to be private sector lead, with criteria that it meet the objectives of the Town, is profitable and sustainable. The private sector was invited to submit proposals outlining their qualifications to deliver the project together with their proposed methodology.

In total, 15 proposals were submitted, including from local developers. Proposals were ranked on a 100 point system, with up to 40 points awarded according to qualifications and up to 60 points awarded for how well the proposed methodology met the objectives of the Town. A technical committee comprised of members of Administration, together with the Managing Director of CCHC reviewed and scored the proposals. There were a number of excellent proposals that contained a wide variety of unit counts, site designs and operating methodologies, including direct ownership and P3. Three proposals have been shortlisted for the RFP stage, more details will be presented once they are available.

Where Are We?

Bylaw Amendments

Current statutory plans and the land use bylaw do not allow for the type of development contemplated in the EOI. In order for this type of use to become a possibility on the site three bylaws required amendment. These are the Municipal Development Plan, the Palliser Trail Area Structure Plan, and the Land Use Bylaw.

  1. These changes will be proposed through three separate bylaws.
  2. First reading was given to these bylaws on November 22. 2016.
  3. A joint public hearing was held on December 13, 2016.
  4. Second reading was given to these bylaws on January 10, 2017.
  5. Third and final reading was given on February 7, 2017.
  6. Copies of the proposed bylaws are available below, the link to the updated Land Use Bylaw will be posted once available.
    1. pdf Attachment 1 BYLAW 2016 23 (397 KB)
    2. pdf Attachment 2 BYLAW 2016 25 (7.46 MB)
    3. pdf Attachment 3 BYLAW 2016 26 (146 KB)

Request for Proposals for Development of Housing

  1. Council approved the award of the RFP for development of employee housing and/or purpose built rental units for the parcel at 1451 Palliser Trail on February 7, 2017, to NorthView REIT, conditional on the successful negotiation of the required contractual arrangements.


If the proposed amendments are approved, development is likely to proceed on these lands. Council would be the development authority in the proposed district and would make the decision on the development permit for the site. If approved, a building permit would be applied for and subsequently construction would begin on the property. With Council as the development authority, there would be no further opportunity for community comment on the development on the lands.