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Old Daycare Lands

Old Daycare Lands Development

What is this you ask? On July 7, 2015 Council passed a motion (197-2015) to approve the disposition of up to 50% of municipal reserve (1MR, Block 2, Plan 7811602, 1200 17th Street, Canmore, Alberta), known as the old daycare lands for the primary purpose of development of perpetually affordable housing. A bylaw amendment is proposed to change the land use district in which this new lot is located to allow for the development of housing. The current land use district is PD (Public Use District) and the proposed land use district is a new DC (Direct Control District). Please see below for a copy of the proposed district.

On December 8, 2016, the Canmore Subdivision Authority approved the subdivision of 1.01ha of Municipal Reserve known as the Old Daycare Lands. By subdividing the property, the disposition of Municipal Reserve also occurred as per Council motion 197-2015. A copy of the Request for Decision can be viewed pdf here (13.97 MB) . This report also includes the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that was completed in 2015.

Who will this housing serve?

The primary goal for these lands is to build housing that will serve the needs of Canmore families now and into the future.

What might be built?

There are a number of possibilities that could work on this site including a mix of duplexes,  townhouses, stacked townhouses, secondary suites, garden suites and employee housing. It is anticipated that a mix of two bedroom (roughly 25%) and three bedroom (roughly 75%) units would be developed, the exact number depends on the successful proposal.

During public consultation for the Old Daycare Lands, it was made clear by the community that the ice rink should be made a priority. The 2017 budget, approved by Council, includes a Capital Project to replace the existing rink on the site with enhancements which include:
1. Concrete surface instead of asphalt (concrete does not heave);
2. Higher than average chain-link fencing for resident / passerby safety;
3. Enclosed player box;
4. Additional dug in-ground skating rink;
5. Vault washroom (no water);
6. Upgrade to LED lighting;
7. Trails; and
8. Signage.

What Has Happened

The current land use district (PD) did not allow for residential development in the subject area. In order for this type of use to become a possibility on the site an amendment to the land use bylaw was required. Bylaw 2016-32 changed the rezoning of the Old Daycare Lands from 'Public Use District (PD)' to a Direct Control District. The change will allow the development of affordable housing on the site. 

  1. First reading to bylaw 2016-32 was approved by Council on December 6, 2016.
  2. A public hearing was held on January 17, 2017.
  3. Second and third readings of Bylaw 2016-32 were given on Tuesday February 7, 2017.
  4. A link to the updated Land Use Bylaw will be available shortly. For now a copy (without amendments given at second and third reading) is available below.

pdf Bylaw 2016-32 Old Daycare DC District (731 KB)



If the proposed amendment is approved, development is likely to proceed on these lands. Council would be the development authority in the proposed district and would make the decision on a development permit application for the site. If approved, a building permit would be applied for and subsequently construction would begin on the property. With Council as the development authority, there would be no further opportunity for community comment on the development on the lands.

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