Stewardship of the Environment


Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is one of the guiding principles for the community and the Town of Canmore.  Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in much of the work we do and through the programs and services we offer.  The intent is to integrate our social, economic and environmental activities in ways that enable us to meet the needs of our current generation without compromising the needs of the future.  Our Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) was developed to update, integrate and expand the Town’s strategies, programs and initiatives related to environmental stewardship and ensure effective implementation of the community’s vision related to environmental stewardship.  The ESAP includes goals, targets and actions related to energy and climate protection, resource conservation and waste management, water management, toxin reduction and community engagement.  Implementing the ESAP will help move Canmore toward sustainability.

You can download the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan pdf here (2.27 MB)

Stewardship Initiatives

Voluntary Fruit Tree Removal Program

The presence of fruit trees in residential areas of Canmore brings bears into the Townsite in the fall as they try to fatten up before going into their dens for the winter.  This program is intended to reduce wildlife attractants in the community.

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Solar Incentive Program

Over the past 3 years, Canmore residents have installed 28 new residential solar installations (approximately 100kW of renewable energy) demonstrating Canmore’s commitment to renewable energy generation.

  pdf See details of the 2016 program here (1.17 MB)

Quarry Lake Dog Park Expansion

Starting in August 2016, dog owners were allowed to walk their dogs off leash on a 1 km loop trail from the existing off leash dog park at Quarry Lake, and also access a portion of the dog pond. To better live with wildlife, please respect the boundaries of both the on and off leash areas.

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"We love Canmore – being in the mountains is awesome and we want to take care of them. Programs like the Solar Incentive program are an important step, giving us choice in how we power our home. On a good day we produce over 30 kWh hours of electricity, more than we need. Caring for the environment is a large part of making our community livable in the future for our kids."

--Nadine Delorme & Mike Henderson







Climate Change Adaptation Planning

The Town of Canmore is also taking steps to address climate change and ensure Canmore is safe, prosperous and resilient in the future by developing a Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan. While the ESAP focuses on mitigation efforts to tackle the causes of climate change, the adaptation plan tackles the effects.

Climate projections for the Bow Valley point towards increases in temperature and changing precipitation patterns. By the 2050s mean annual temperature is anticipated to rise 1.9°C over the 1961-1990 average with an increase in mean annual precipitation of about 5%; summer precipitation is projected to decline by about 5%. Projected changes in average temperature and precipitation for the Bow Valley will have broad consequences across the natural environment, including the size of our glaciers, winter snowpack, streamflow, wildfires and forest pests, and regional ecosystems.

Projected climate and environmental changes could have numerous impacts on Canmore, with consequences for municipal infrastructure and services, private property, the local economy and environment, and the health and lifestyle of citizens. In anticipation of the potential risks and opportunities presented by these changes, the Town of Canmore has developed a Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan.

You can download the Climate Change Adaptation Background Report and Resilience Plan pdf here (2.54 MB)

Our Stewardship Partners

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley


For more information about the Town of Canmore's sustainability initiatives contact Lori Rissling Wynn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403-678-1527.