Town of Canmore

Quarry Lake Dog Park Expansion

Dog owners told us they wanted an opportunity to walk their dogs off leash on a trail and also have access to a location where dogs can swim. Starting in August 2016, dog owners were allowed to walk their dogs off leash on a 1 km loop trail from the existing off leash dog park at Quarry Lake. Dogs may also access the pond, but to protect the remaining intact riparian vegetation, dogs are not permitted past the buoy or within the fenced area. We have worked with Aquatics specialists at Alberta Environment to ensure amphibian habitat is protected. 

The 1 km loop trail and access to the pond was introduced as a pilot for one year, beginning August 2016. We know this use already happens in the proposed area; the intent of the pilot is to concentrate use thereby reducing dogs off leash in other areas. We ask that dog owners please respect the boundaries of the off leash areas and have your dogs on a leash when you are outside them.

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