Town of Canmore

Community Social Development Strategy

Tools for the Future is Canmore’s Community Social Development Strategy. It is an invitation for all who love Canmore to build and maintain our community’s social development.

The Strategy outlines three community social development directions that will be the focus of the Town’s community building activities: 

1. Building Social Capital by engaging in activities that:

Provide people with tools for building new neighbourhood connections;
Help neighbourhoods to become a positive force in children’s development;
Support neighbourhoods with creating new and unique experiences, and;
Empower neighbourhoods to participate in developing their community.

2. Embracing Diversity by engaging in activities that:

Strengthen Indigenous relationships across the Bow Valley;
Hear new perspectives to build compassion for diverse thoughts, and;
Evaluate diversity and inclusion in Canmore. 

3. Aligning Services by engaging in activities that:

Reduce barriers to access community services;
Link individual outcomes to program and municipal outcomes, and;
Identify the impact of initiatives on community livability. 

To view Canmore's Community Development Strategy pdf click here (3.07 MB)

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