Snow Clearing

This page allows you to see when snow clearing is taking place in your area, using real-time GPS tracking. View the map below, or visit the full page application by clicking here.

Snow Clearing in Canmore

The Town has two priority zones when it comes to snow clearing on roadways. You can find a map of snow clearing routes including their priority level by pdf clicking here (506 KB) . Priority one zones include major roads, transportation and bus routes which will be cleared first, followed by priority two zones. There are also provincially maintained roads within the Townsite, which are indicated on the attached map. It is the goal of the Town to have roadways clear within 48 hours after snowfall has ended.

What about sidewalks?

Similar to roads, the Town aims to clear all sidewalks (with a hard finished surface) within 48 hours after a snowfall has ended. Be kind to your neighbors and shovel your sidewalk within 48 hours. With the efforts of everyone in the community, we can create a safe environment for all to move around. If you are unable to shovel your own sidewalk Family & Community Support Services organizes a Snow Angels program that may be able to help, please call 403.609.3743.