Utility Operations

Operations are managed by the Public Works Department and conducted in accordance with the Town’s License to Operate issued by Alberta Environment. A rehabilitation reserve, funded through the rate base, is available to fund the repair and replacement of existing infrastructure. Capital upgrades required for growth are planned and implemented in accordance with approved Utility Master Plans.

Water and Wastewater utility operations for the Town of Canmore are provided by EPCOR Water Services Inc. under the terms of a performance based Utility Services Agreement. This agreement encompasses the full spectrum of utility operations including:

Water Distribution and Treatment

Utility Rates

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Biosolids Management

Storm Water Drainage

Meter Reading, Billing and Account Management

Water Conservation

Water Loss Audit

24 hours Emergency Contact (Please use other numbers for regular inquiries)
Phone: 403.609.6400
Utility Master Plan Report - pdf 2017 UMP Update Report (7.97 MB)
Drinking Water Benchmarking Reports -   pdf 2015 - Drinking Water Final Benchmark Report (4.29 MB)