Town of Canmore


Change of Mailing Address
If you still own your property in Canmore but have changed your mailing address please complete a Change of Property Owner’s Mailing Address form (See Sidebar). Under the Municipal Government Act the tax bill, once mailed, is considered to have been received within seven days. 

If mail sent by the Town of Canmore Tax or Utilities Departments is returned by the Post Office as 'undeliverable', we will make a reasonable effort to locate the owner(s). If our efforts are unsuccessful the returned mail items will be stored in the tax roll file and a notation will be made in our database.

Purchasing a Property
Purchasers (and their lawyers or agents) are responsible to determine the current taxes due on the property being purchased as well as the tax due date and ensure that current balances owing are paid on time in order to avoid late payment penalties.
Caution: Not all residential properties are taxed at the same rate. It is in your best interest to ascertain the land use designation and potential tax implications before you buy.

Refunds due to over-payment of property taxes (where the previous owner and the new owner have both paid the taxes) must be requested in writing and are subject to a $50.00 processing fee.

Selling a Property
If you are currently enrolled in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) for the property that you are selling, you (or your lawyer) must notify the Town of Canmore Tax Department in writing in order to terminate the plan. The TIPP is not transferrable. If you are moving to another property within Canmore you must re-apply for the TIPP for your new property.

Cancelling Utility Services
If you have sold your property, it is required that you or your lawyer call EPCOR Water Services at (403) 609-4781 and request a final utility bill to the date-of-sale in order to remove your name from the billing. Your utility account will be closed after the final billing is paid in full.  

Cancel Pre-authorized Payment Plans 
If you were participating in the pre-authorized payment programs for taxes or utilities (TIPP or PUPP) and have sold the property you need to inform us, in writing, of your desire to cancel these programs. Click here to download a fillable TIPP & PUPP Cancellation Request (under 'Property Tax' heading).

Cancellations must be received at least 4 working days prior to the due date.

If you sell property that is on the pre-authorized payment plan and purchase another property in Canmore, the plan is not transferable. A new application is required for each new property address. 

Cancel automatic or memorized payments made by ATM, On-line or Telephone banking: If you pay by these methods delete the utility and tax accounts from your banking setup. If you have purchased new property in Canmore, the tax and utility account numbers will change according to each property address.