Town of Canmore

Property Tax and Utility Deferral

Council has approved the option to allow residents and business owners to defer property tax and utility payments for April, May, and June for 90 days without penalty or interest. The deferred balance will be evenly applied over the payments for the remainder of the calendar year. See below for the online deferral request form. 

Property owners who are on the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) and Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Program (PUPP) who are able to continue to make regular payments, can stay on the plan to allow consistency for monthly scheduled and predictable payments. This will still maintain some level of cash flow for the Town to continue to provide services. Those who are anticipating difficulties will, as always, be able to leave the programs, but will also have the ability to temporarily “hold” these payments for 90 days to alleviate immediate stress and uncertainty, with the deferred balance split equally over the remainder of payments for the calendar year to smooth those payments. No penalties or interest will be incurred on these deferred amounts. Additionally, all internal Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) charges will be waived for 2020.

For property owners who are not on the PUPP program, they will also have the ability to defer payment of utility bills for 90 days without penalty. Following that 90 days, these property owners can work with our Utilities department to come to an agreement regarding scheduling and amounts for the remainder of the year, to split out that deferred balance over the remaining bill payments for the 2020 calendar year.

For property owners not on TIPP, payments are due on the last business day of June, and this deadline may be examined closer to that time. 

Note these are short-term measures, and longer-term options will be brought forward for Council's consideration on April 7. 

You can see the agenda package with the full proposal from March 24 at Council Agendas, Minutes, and Videos.

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