Town of Canmore

Rates and Assessments

March 7, 2019 Property Assessment Notices Mailed 
May 14, 2019 Complaint Due Date
Last week of May Annual Tax Notices Mailed 
June 28, 2019 Payment Due

Enrollment in the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) is welcome anytime up until the annual due date. See Payment Options.

REMINDER Regarding Separately Registered Parking Stalls:

The Municipal Government Act states that every unit of a condominium must be assessed. In residential and/or business condominium properties, separately registered titled parking stalls, and storage units are assessed separately from living/office units because they are separately titled, hold value, and can be sold separately.

The property unit and the parking stalls are assessed separately and when added together represent a total value that is in line with, or reflective of, property sale samples of a similar type in a similar area.

Should you wish to enroll on an automatic withdrawal program for the annual payment, please contact the Property Tax Department for the one-time annual debit agreement.  The monthly debit plan is not available for parking stalls. 


View property assessments for all Town of Canmore properties:

  pdf 2019 ASSESSMENT ROLL by Civic Address (1.04 MB) - effective March 4, 2019
  pdf 2019 ASSESSMENT ROLL by Tax Roll No. (1.06 MB) - effective March 4, 2019
  pdf 2018 ASSESSMENT ROLL by Civic Address (1.04 MB) - effective March 9, 2018
  pdf 2018 ASSESSMENT ROLL by Tax Roll No. (1005 KB) - effective March 9, 2018
  pdf 2017 ASSESSMENT ROLL (3.97 MB) - effective March 26, 2017
  spreadsheet 2016 ASSESSMENT ROLL (848 KB)  - effective February 29, 2016
  pdf Assessment Code Legend (125 KB)

The Annual Assessment Notices are mailed by the end of February/early March each year.  The 60 day Customer Review Period will begin on the assessment date noted on your Notice.  This Customer Review Period is the only opportunity to review and ensure the fairness of your market value property assessment.  This assessment is the basis on which your property taxes are calculated.  

If you have questions regarding your property assessment, please contact the contracted Assessor.

Understanding your Property Assessment Notice