Town of Canmore

Where Do My Taxes Go?

Your municipal taxes pay for services such as paving roads, providing transit, planting trees, maintaining parks, clearing snow, staying safe, improving neighbourhoods, sweeping streets, building recreation facilities, and providing affordable programs and social services that make our community a great place to live. 

The distribution of your 2020 property taxes is as follows:

Provincial Education Tax

Bow Valley Regional Housing (BVRH)

Perpetually Affordable Housing (PAH)

All property owners whether they have children or not, are required to pay education taxes. The Town of Canmore collects education taxes on behalf of the Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF) but has no jurisdiction over setting the tax rate for school taxes. For more information on Provincial Education Taxes call 310-0000 toll free and ask for 780-422-7125.

The ‘declaration of faith’ school support document is an affiliation of faith.  Your declaration will appear on your tax account as well as your Notice of Assessment and Annual Tax Notice. However, all school funds are distributed from the pooled amounts collected by the Province and are based on school enrollment.

If a declaration of faith is not received, your property will default to 'Undeclared.' 

The BVRH requisition is for supportive living accommodation for seniors in the Bow Valley and is supported by the Town of Canmore, ID#9 (Banff National Park), Town of Banff, Kananaskis Improvement District, and the M.D. of Bighorn. This requisition is paid by all property owners including seniors. More information about BVRH can be found on their website.

The purpose of collecting the PAH  contribution is to accumulate capital funds for the purchase of land and construction of PAH units. The construction and supply of PAH units is intended to address the affordable housing demand of Canmore residents unable to purchase or rent accommodation on the open market.

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