Town of Canmore

Coordinates - Studio North

Coordinates is an exploration of space and perspective that invites the viewer to reorient themselves in a familiar landscape. Constructed out of a series of custom-created mirrors suspended in the canopy, the piece challenges you to find the perfect vantage point to see a seamless image, like arranging a visual puzzle. 

The design process for Coordinates involved site interaction across three layers. The artists interacted with the site and used photography and specific measurements to gather a holistic understanding of the space. Then, they created a 3-D model to replicate the experience to craft the mirrored panels to perfectly complement the topography and location of trees and other features.

Finally, the artists installed the panels in the physical space. They unlock new opportunities for the viewer to see different perspectives of the site that were previously invisible. The location and shapes of the panels in space allow viewers to create multiple views of the site at once in a single seamless, yet disjointed, image when viewed from a very specific perspective. Can you find it? 

The Artists

Studio North is an interdisciplinary design + build practice based in Calgary, Canada. The Studio North team has been collaborating for the past decade on projects of a variety of scales, from flat-pack furniture and public art installations to laneway housing and mountainside hotels. Their work has been featured in a growing number of local and international publications.

At the heart of Studio North’s work is a dedication to the craft of building community. Studio North recognizes that the spaces we inhabit inform the way we live our lives. A thoughtful and engaged approach to the design and construction of these spaces leads to a meaningful outcome that suits the lifestyle of not only the clients, but their family, friends, and neighbours. A Studio North project is a positive contribution to the community and fosters the kinds of experiences and interactions that will enhance the quality of life for years to come.

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