Town of Canmore

Temporary Public Art

Mineside Trail Temporary Public Art

Four local artists will be exhibiting their temporary art installations in West Canmore Park along Mineside Trail. These nature friendly, temporary art installations are free to enjoy from August 4th to October 16, 2017. This exhibition of local talent will stimulate dialogue around new ways to think about neighbourhoods and the public realm. 

 Map of Installations:

Selected Artists

1. Lucie Bause - "Centred"

Lucie will create a large scale mandala inspired interactive sculpture using natural found materials from the park including pine cones and river stones. Her hope is that the viewers experience is contemplative, a feeling of being embraced by the circle design and the intentional arrangement of the natural materials while being surrounded by the nature of the park.


2. Joanne MacDonald - "Individually Together"

Using found Spruce logs, Joanne will create two pieces comprised of 13 suspended logs. The two pieces will act as one conversation and speak to Canada and its diversity as a nation. Viewers are encouraged to take a moment to sit and share with one another discovering both the differences and common ground they may have.

3. Lesley Russell - "Spirit of the Community"

Lesley will place an iconic Canadian canoe on the banks of the creek, safely tethered, holding the names of this wonderfully diverse community. She hopes that visitors will take a moment to appreciate the history of the people of this area and reflect on their own journey through this great land. 


4. Lisa Tornack - "Nest" and 5. "Orb"

Lisa will gather a variety of vegetation to create these woven land based sculptures. The use of willow, poplar and other vegetation symbolizes the many different stories and cultures that make up Canada. The process of weaving speaks to the way in which our future as a nation is built on the past.


Community Picnic

Join the artists for a community picnic to learn more about their work. Pack a picnic and a blanket (drinks and cookies provided) and join us for an engaging afternoon. 

Sunday October 1, 12:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Meet at the playground at West Canmore Park.

Temporary Art Project Goals

To incorporate quality works or art that contribute to the vitality and attractiveness for the Town of Canmore, encourage local artists to apply and engage in new public art opportunities and to provide an entry point for artists who have had little opportunity to participate in public art.