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Three Sisters Gallery

Three Sisters Gallery

Located on the second floor of Elevation Place, the Three Sisters Gallery is a public gallery established in 2013 by the Town of Canmore Public Art Committee. The Three Sisters Gallery is located in an open, public space, used by a large cross section of residents and visitors who might not normally go into gallery spaces.  The gallery engages the community by presenting a diverse mix of visual art and artists from Canmore and beyond.  The goals of the gallery is to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit in a public space and to engage the community by exhibiting new artists, artworks and ideas.

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Show Description:

DEVENIR presents a collection of paintings created by its members Danièle Petit, Doris Charest, Karen Blanchet, Patricia Lortie and Sabine Lecorre-Moore. The work flows through the colour wheel using an “Abundance” of tones and subtle differences, to reveal the intimate language of the artists' voices.

ABUNDANCE is series of the artists’ individual paintings created as a response to the following quotation by Georgia O'Keeffe: “I found I could say things with colors that I couldn't say in any other way - things that I had no words for”.

Even with today’s advanced technologies in communication, creating colourful images remains a powerful tool. Colour is the essence of our collective consciousness. Devenir seeks to connect with primitive emotions that are locked in our visual surroundings, both natural and urban, and our life experiences. They expose those emotions through colour conversations in their paintings.

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