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Three Sisters Gallery

Three Sisters Gallery

Located on the second floor of Elevation Place, the Three Sisters Gallery is a public gallery established in 2013 by the Town of Canmore Public Art Committee. The Three Sisters Gallery is located in an open, public space, used by a large cross section of residents and visitors who might not normally go into gallery spaces.  The gallery engages the community by presenting a diverse mix of visual art and artists from Canmore and beyond.  The goals of the gallery is to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit in a public space and to engage the community by exhibiting new artists, artworks and ideas.

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What's On

Artist Statement:

At an early age I was given a camera and encouraged to start taking photographs. I soon learned that it is the eye behind the lens that matters, not the actual camera. I’ve always loved sharing my photos, and if they bring a curiosity or joy to the viewer, my goal has been accomplished.

As a photographer I enjoy watching wildlife and nature. The joy I feel witnessing animals at play in their natural habitat is amazing - and to capture some of those moments with my lens is even more rewarding. I love the outdoors and the diversity that presents itself when the light or the season changes. 


Passageways have always intrigued me - where do they lead to? Where are the people going? Is there a place even more beautiful on the other side? My imagination goes wild!

Over the years, I have used many cameras with a variety of lenses - and the best of my photos were shot with my Nikon D3 with a 70-200mm lens. However, my iPhone has become my invaluable second camera. I’m amazed how many great photos I have captured with my phone, because it is there with me when the light is right. In my photographs I long to capture the beauty I see at the moment. I am inspired to share my vision with you, the viewer, in this exhibition of photographs that have moved and captured me.


What's Coming

Show Description:

Showcasing landscapes of Banff National Park, these photomontages are explorations in depicting our visceral experiences and memories of these extraordinary natural environments.

As each photograph layered within a composition masks, reveals, and blends with the next, physically accurate specifics of the locations become less relevant and begin to suggest alternate possibilities. The result raises questions of the boundaries between reality, memory, and documentation.

About the Artist:

Tyler B Jordan is a visual artist interested in themes related memory, and definitions of reality. His practice often eschews traditional documentation and linear narratives by exploring alternative ways to depict our experiences. He has been included in numerous group exhibitions and festivals in Alberta, and he recently expanded work into California and Toronto. In 2016, he participated in the Caribou Artist Cabin program in Mount Revelstoke National Park, an isolated off-the-grid cabin reserved for artists to develop their practice while exploring the natural environment high upon the mountain. Upcoming activities include expanding the Dreamscapes series into experimental video, and documenting Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba.


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