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Three Sisters Gallery

Three Sisters Gallery

Located on the second floor of Elevation Place, the Three Sisters Gallery is a public gallery established in 2013 by the Town of Canmore Public Art Committee. The Three Sisters Gallery is located in an open, public space, used by a large cross section of residents and visitors who might not normally go into gallery spaces.  The gallery engages the community by presenting a diverse mix of visual art and artists from Canmore and beyond.  The goals of the gallery is to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit in a public space and to engage the community by exhibiting new artists, artworks and ideas.

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What's On

Show Description:

Through a Prairie Lens is inspired by the last exhibit at the Three Sisters Gallery from Holly Dyrland and Kathryn Gorectke, the Our Canada Project (OCP). As they dove into OCP in 2016/17 through a rich exploration of Canada's vast landscape, they realized there is much more of the prairie land and sky they wanted to explore and paint.

The prairie landscape holds deep sentimentality for both artists, as well as for many Canadians across the country. They discovered this as artists and have heard the same sentiments from those who took in their last show, many of whom inquired as to why the artists had not painted more of the prairies. 

As a contrast to their previous show with 150 paintings, this show consists of 32 larger pieces. As with OCP, Through a Prairie Lens features works where each artist paints her interpretation/version of the same scene in her own style. The pieces are hung side-by-side to contrast the different styles and beauty of each view, with each interpretation showing how the landscape can be viewed differently or similarly by each artist and viewer.

The pieces in this show are for sale. For more information on purchasing a piece or to get in touch with the artists, please visit their website here

Up Next:

Strong back; Soft front: a portrait series by Rebecca (Bexx) Ferri
August 1 - August 28, 2019 | Opening on August 1 at 7:00 p.m. 

About this Show:

With her combined passion for art and climbing, Bexx Ferri approached thirty-one local women ages nine to seventy, all of whom are part of the climbing community, to participate in this portrait series. The aim of this series is to unveil some of our inspiring local women. Through these black and white portraits and their biographies, we discover why climbing is an integral part of their life.

The name for this project was influenced by Brené Brown's book, Braving the Wilderness. In her book, Brown writes about doing what you love, pushing forward, being vulnerable and having the courage to live the life you want. In their everyday actions, in their words, and in their climbing, the women in this portrait series have inspired Ferri to be strong, confident, courageous, vulnerable and dedicated. We all show our strength by putting ourselves out there, day-to-day, in all of our activities with confidence, bravery and determination, yet we are open to being vulnerable, empathetic and compassionately soft with ourselves and others.

How Do I Find Out More?

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