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Utility Boxes

Town of Canmore Public Art - Utility Boxes

Utility boxes are often the target of graffiti and this program is seen as a means of graffiti mitigation, beautification and to showcase Canmore artists.

  • There are currently 24 boxes with original artworks located in downtown Canmore and within the residential areas.
  • In 2014, artwork created by 7 artists was installed on 14 boxes
  • In 2015 the artwork of 4 artists was installed on 8 boxes
  • Photographs from the Canmore museum archives were also installed on 2 boxes in 2015.
  • Summer of 2017 saw new artworks on 6 Lightboxes in the Downtown core 


Utility Box Project Goals are to:

Incorporate quality works of art that contribute to the vitality and attractiveness for the Town of Canmore, encourage local artists to apply and engage in public art opportunities and to provide an entry point for artists who have had little opportunity to participate in public art.


Would you like to learn more?  See the map below of the current Utility Box locations.

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