History of planning for Three Sisters Lands

Area Structure Plan Submission (2013)

In 2013 the Town of Canmore received an application for the Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) lands from the former court appointed receiver Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). The application was withdrawn and first reading of the ASP bylaw was canceled at the request of PwC. The lands have since been purchased. The information below includes resources related to the withdrawn 2013 application and history on three sisters lands planning.

The formal application submitted by PwC can be found below:

pdf Area Structure Plan submission (13.36 MB)  (also incorporates Documents 10,11 & 12)
pdf Supporting Document 1 - Site Analysis (826 KB)
pdf Supporting Document 2 - Golder Environmental Impact Statement (36.55 MB)
pdf Supporting Document 5 - Fiscal Impact Analysis (1.45 MB)
pdf Supporting Document 6 - Alternative Development Guidelines (284 KB)
pdf Supporting Document 7 - ASP Comparison Table (73 KB)
pdf Supporting Document 8 - Disposition of Applicable Policies 2004 (141 KB)
pdf Supporting Document 10 - Wildlife Monitoring Program (2.20 MB)
pdf Supporting Document 11 - Adaptive Management (122 KB)
pdf Supporting Document 12 - Wildlife Exclosure Fence and Associated Mitigation  (122 KB)

Supporting Documents 3, 4 and 9 are Engineering studies.

Resort Centre and Stewart Creek Area Structure Plans (2004)

In 2004, the Town approved the pdf Resort Centre Area Structure Plan (6.95 MB)  and the  pdf Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan (30.23 MB) . The only development within the Resort Centre area is a partially completed golf course straddling Three Sisters Creek. Several multi-family condominium projects and a golf course clubhouse have been constructed within the Stewart Creek ASP area since 2004.

The Town initiated several wildlife-related reports during previous planning on Three Sisters lands. These include the  pdf 2002 Golder Report (6.62 MB)  in the Resort Centre area that resulted in a significant re-alignment of corridors and the 2006 Komex Review of an environmental impact statement for the Three Sisters Creek golf course. A provincially-led study, the  pdf 2002 Wind Valley Corridor study (3.99 MB) , is relevant to the area under review.

Settlement Agreement and the Master Zoning Bylaw (1998)

In 1998 Town Council also approved the Master Zoning Bylaw which is now  pdf Section 3.9 (357 KB)  of Land Use Bylaw 22-2010. A substantial portion of this Bylaw, particularly in the easterly portion of the TSMV lands, still represents current zoning in the area. Council also entered into the pdf Settlement Agreement (902 KB) with the owners of the Three Sisters lands.

NRCB (1992)

The large resort project originally proposed by Three Sisters required a review of an environmental impact assessment by the provincial Natural Resources Conservation Board before the Town could consider any municipal approvals.


pdf Golder EIS 2013 (36.55 MB)
pdf Golden EIS background study 2012 (29.49 MB)
pdf MSES Review 2013 (1.23 MB)
pdf Framework Agreement (3.67 MB)
pdf Terms of reference for the TSMV Area Structure Plan (685 KB)
pdf Terms of reference for the environmental impact statement (EIS) (685 KB)
pdf Resort Centre Area Structure Plan (6.95 MB)
pdf Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan (30.23 MB)
Section 3.9 of Land Use Bylaw 22-2010
pdf 2002 Golder Report (6.62 MB)
pdf 2006 Komex Review (763 KB)
pdf 2002 Wind Valley Corridor study (3.99 MB)
Municipal Development Plan
pdf NRCB report (26.35 MB)
pdf Settlement Agreement (902 KB)

Current applications on Three Sisters lands

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