What's Happening in Three Sisters - Resort Centre

What is being proposed at Resort Centre?

The applicant is proposing to amend the existing Resort Centre ASP to remove the 110 hectare golf course development and allow for the development of additional commercial, resort accommodation and residential. Specifically, the proposal is for the potential addition of 15-20 hectares of commercial lands, and up to 475 additional resort accommodation or residential units.

The application is available for viewing below:

pdf Resort Centre - ASP (36.96 MB)
pdf Resort Centre - ASP Amendment Rationale (1.10 MB)
pdf Resort Centre - Transportation Impact (4.51 MB)
pdf Resort Centre - Fiscal Impact (1.72 MB)
pdf Resort Centre - Stormwater Management (5.40 MB)
pdf Resort Centre - Environmental Impact Statement (99.13 MB)  

In response to the Town of Canmore Third Party Review (see Third Party Review  - Below), Golder provided the following Addendum.
pdf Resort Centre - Golder Enviromental Inpact Statement Addendum (951 KB) (updated 4/28/2017)

You can also view a hard copy at the Civic Centre or the Canmore Public Library during regular business hours. Additional information may be obtained from the applicant’s website.

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The Town has received applications from TSMV for a new Smith Creek ASP and for an amendment to the existing Resort Centre ASP. In discussion with the applicant and the Province, a timeline for consideration of the applications was developed with the Provincial consideration of the required Smith Creek wildlife corridor designation.  On April 26, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) announced that they require an additional four to eight weeks to continue their review of the of the TSMV Wildlife Corridor Application.  Based on this information, TSVM has requested that the Town not bring the Smith Creek ASP forward for Council consideration at this time. Further details on the timeline for the provincial decision and new dates for consideration of the Smith Creek ASP will be provided once available. The timelines for TSMV’s amendment to the Resort Centre ASP remains unchanged, and Town’s process will be as follows:

  1. First reading of the proposed Resort Centre ASP amendment will be on May 2, 2017.
  2. The Council agenda package for first reading will be available on Friday, April 28 here. The meeting is open to the public to attend, but no public input can be provided during that meeting. Passing first reading by Council does not imply support for the application, but moves the application into the public realm for input.
  3. If first reading of the bylaws is passed by Council, public hearings will be scheduled. The public hearings are now planned to take place May 23, but will be confirmed by Council on May 2. The confirmed public hearing dates and times, and details on how to provide your input will be advertised in the Rocky Mountain Outlook and on this page prior to the public hearing date. You can give your input in the following ways:
  • Submit a written submission
  • Speak at the public hearing
  1. 2nd reading of the bylaws is currently scheduled for June 20. Council will consider the input received at the public hearing and submitted in writing, and may require changes before considering giving second and third reading to the bylaws. There is no opportunity for further public input at second or third reading.


Project Background

The Resort Centre area is located at the western edge of the Three Sisters Lands. These lands are currently mostly undeveloped, except for previous coal mining activity and the remains of an unfinished golf course. The Resort Centre lands are also commonly referred to as Sites 1 and 3. The Resort Centre lands currently have an area structure plan that guides future development of the area which was approved by Council in 2004, visit the Area Structure Plan page. Following the approval of the Resort Centre ASP, land use (zoning) approvals were also approved for a portion of the lands.

The ultimate development of these lands has been guided by the planning that was undertaken through the Master Zoning Bylaw DC1-98 for Sites 1 and 3. To view the relevant information on Sites 1 and 3 in the DC 1-98 Bylaw  pdf click here (357 KB) . The 1992 National Resource Conservation Board (NRCB) Decision #9103 for a Tourism and Recreation Development is another consideration for the planning for these lands. To view the NRCB Decision, pdf click here (26.35 MB) .

Third Party Review

The Town engaged Fiera Biological to prepare a third party review report of the applicant’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). A copy of the third party review report is available below:

pdf Resort Centre - Third Party Review (3.74 MB) **UPLOADED APRIL 27**

Municipal Development Plan Amendment

As a result of the proposed ASP amendments, a concurrent amendment to Maps 2 and 5 of the MDP will be required. The MDP amendment will be considered concurrently with the application to amend the Resort Centre ASP and the Smith Creek ASP.

pdf Resort Centre MDP Map2 amendment (1.35 MB)
pdf Resort Centre MDP Map 5 amendment (443 KB)

Links / Documents

pdf Resort Centre - EIS Terms of Reference (383 KB)

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