What's Happening in Three Sisters - Smith Creek

What is being proposed at Smith Creek ?

The Smith Creek proposal includes a mix of residential housing types including entry-level housing, and a variety of commercial development ranging from retail, office and industrial. It will also include large areas of open space for recreation, and a trail system. The proposal will add between 1200 – 1700 units of low and medium density residential, which could add up 4000 new residents to Canmore at build out.

The application is available for viewing below:

pdf Smith Creek - Area Structure Plan (129.47 MB)
pdf Smith Creek - Application Rationale (653 KB)
pdf Smith Creek - Fiscal Impact (1.58 MB)
pdf Smith Creek - Transportation Impact (3.51 MB)
pdf Smith Creek - Stormwater Management (4.12 MB)
Smith Creek - Environmental Impact Statement **COMING SOON**

You can also view a hard copy at the Civic Centre or the Canmore Public Library during regular business hours. Additional information may be obtained from the applicant’s website.

Get Involved

The Town received the Smith Creek Area Structure Plan application on March 9, 2017. The approval process will be as follows:
1. First reading of the proposed ASP has been tentatively scheduled for the evening of April 4, 2017. The Council agenda package will be available on the Friday prior to the meeting. The meeting is open to the public to attend, but no public input can be provided. Passing first reading by Council does not imply support for the application, but moves the application into the public realm for input.
2. Following first reading a public hearing will be scheduled, you can give your input at this time in the following ways:

  • Submit a written submission.
  • Speak at the public hearing.
  • The public hearing date and time, and details on how to provide your input will be advertised in the Rocky Mountain Outlook and on this page prior to the public hearing date.

3. After the public hearing, Council will consider the input it has received and may require changes before considering giving second and third readings of the bylaw. There is no opportunity for further public input at second or third reading.

Project Background

Smith Creek is at the eastern edge of Three Sisters Lands, located to the south of Deadman’s Flats. The owners of the Smith Creek lands, and the Town of Canmore and a community advisory group have been working together in a collaborative process for the future planning and development of these lands by preparing an Area Structure Plan. These lands are currently undeveloped except for the Thunderstone Quarry, an active rundle rock quarry operation, and other previous coal mining activities.

The Smith Creek lands are also commonly referred to as Sites 7, 8 and 9. The future development of these lands is guided by the planning that was undertaken through the Master Zoning Bylaw DC1-98. To view the relevant information on Sites 7, 8 and 9 in the DC 1-98 Bylaw pdf click here (357 KB) . The 1992 National Resource Conservation Board (NRCB) Decision #9103 for a Tourism and Recreation Development is another consideration for future planning for these lands. To view the NRCB Decision, pdf click here (26.35 MB) .

Collaborative Process

In a more traditional area structure plan process in the Town of Canmore, an applicant prepares and submits the area structure plan on their own, with the Town providing feedback once the plan is prepared. In the Smith Creek collaborative area structure plan process, the Town, TSMV and a community advisory group worked together to create an area structure plan that attempted to addresses the needs and goals of all parties involved. This process was designed to provide greater understanding to the Town and the community about the final application that is submitted for Council consideration for approval.

pdf Smith Creek - Working Together Guidelines (369 KB)

Wildlife Corridor Application

As a condition of approval, the NRCB requires wildlife corridors to be identified and protected on Three Sisters Lands. The Province, in particular Alberta Environment and Parks, makes the decision on the wildlife corridor. In January 2017, Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd submitted an application to Alberta Environment and Parks for approval of the wildlife corridor for their proposed Smith Creek development. Details of the application and approval process is available on the AEP website.

Third Party Review

The Town engaged Fiera Biological to prepare a third party review report of the applicant’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). A copy of the third party review report will be available here shortly. **COMING SOON**

Municipal Development Plan Amendment

As a result of the proposed ASP amendments, a concurrent amendment to pdf Map 1 (1013 KB) , pdf Map 2 (2.20 MB) , pdf Map 4 (496 KB) and pdf Map 5 (1.92 MB) of the MDP will be required. The MDP amendment will be considered concurrently with the application to amend the Resort Centre ASP and the Smith Creek ASP.

Links / Documents

pdf Smith Creek - ASP Terms of Reference (708 KB)
pdf Smith Creek - EIS Terms of Reference (384 KB)

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