Town of Canmore

Stewardship of the Environment

Environmental stewardship is one of the guiding principles for the community and the Town of Canmore.  Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in much of the work we do and through the programs and services we offer. Our Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) was developed to update, integrate and expand the Town’s strategies, programs and initiatives related to environmental stewardship and ensure effective implementation of the community’s vision related to environmental stewardship.  The ESAP includes goals, targets and actions related to energy and climate protection, resource conservation and waste management, water management, toxin reduction and community engagement. You can download the ESAP  pdf here (2.27 MB) .


Environmental Sustainability

Learn more about the Town's environmental sustainability efforts.

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Solar Power in Canmore

More information on solar power in Canmore, including information on the solar incentive program.

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Human - Wildlife Coexistence

We must reduce the risk to both humans and wildlife. We need collaboration between various levels of government, wildlife behaviour experts, and the people that reside in and use the Bow Valley for recreation. No single agency or individual can solve this issue alone.

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Removing Wildlife Attractants

Yards filled with bird feeders, berry bushes and fruit trees can attract bears into in residential areas, putting wildlife and people at risk. It is against the law to let fruits or berries accumulate to the point that it attracts dangerous wildlife.

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Climate Change

The Town of Canmore is taking steps to address climate change and ensure Canmore is safe, prosperous and resilient in the future by developing a Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan.

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