Town of Canmore

Climate Action Plan

A Climate Action Plan updates our greenhouse gas inventory (community and corporate), updates our greenhouse gas reduction targets, updates our Action Plan, and identifies a suite of actions to achieve these targets in alignment with requirements of the Global Covenant of Mayors. Ongoing monitoring and reporting of the Town’s climate actions is essential to build awareness and keep climate actions top of mind for staff, Council, businesses, and citizens in Canmore.

By 2030, the community of Canmore will reduce its GHG emissions by 30% below 2015 levels. It is proposed the Town of Canmore adopt a Corporate target to achieve a 50% reduction in its Corporate emissions given we have much greater control over our own buildings and operations emissions.

By 2050, the Town will reduce community and Corporate emissions by 80% below 2015 levels, which is aligned with Federal GHG emission targets. This target is important because it signals much greater emission reductions are necessary after 2030. Although it is anticipated that some of these emission reductions will be achieved through step changes in technology (e.g. electric vehicles), action is required immediately in all of the sectors in order to set up the community for success. By adopting a 2050 aspirational target, the Town is signaling to citizens, businesses and industry that significant emission reductions are required now and into the future. The Climate Action Plan also identifies additional targets specific to each sector (buildings, transportation and waste).

You can read a copy of the Climate Action Plan  pdf here (1.14 MB) , and the priority items for 2020  pdf here (244 KB) .

To read a copy of the latest corporate and community GHG report (presented at the February 18, 2020 Committee of the Whole Meeting) pdf click here (515 KB)

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