Town of Canmore

Climate Change Actions

Environmental sustainability has been a focus of the Town of Canmore for the past decade, with several Councils having approved plans and initiating action to address environmental sustainability and climate change. Our actions and initiatives are numerous, including:

  • approving the 2010 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (revised in 2013),
  • building LEED certified buildings,
  • partnering with the Town of Banff and ID9 to operate local and regional ROAM transit,
  • putting in place sustainable building requirements,
  • creating an environmental stewardship volunteer award,
  • conducting energy efficiency audits of our facilities,
  • implementing cycling and pedestrian improvements to shift mode share,
  • approving solar installations for Town facilities,
  • implementing a community wide organics composting program,
  • increasing our in-house resources from one part time sustainability coordinator in 2006 to two full-time staff (one grant funded), who are focused on sustainability and climate action


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