Town of Canmore

CPC Agendas & Board Orders

Canmore Planning Commission meetings are live-streamed here.

Archived and previously streamed videos are available on the Town of Canmore's YouTube page, and a link will be made available on this page within 48 hours of the meeting date. 

Meeting Documents

DateCPC DecisionsCPC AgendasWebcast
Apr 28, 2021 - Agenda -
Feb 24, 2021Notice of Decision PLAgenda Package PLWebcast
Oct 28, 2020Notice of Decision PLAgendaWebcast
Sep 30, 2020Approved Amendments to DP2019 169 306 Bow Valley TrailAgendaWebcast
Jan 29, 2020Notice of Decision DP2019 169AgendaWebcast
Oct 09, 2019Notice of Decision DP2019 128
Notice of Decision DP2019 021
Aug 28, 2019Notice of Decision DP2018 298
Notice of Decision DP2019 109
Notice of Decision DP2019 021
Jul 31, 2019Notice of Approval DP2018 050AgendaWebcast
Jun 26, 2019Notice of Decision DP2019 035AgendaWebcast
Mar 27, 2019Notice of Decision DP2018 277
Notice of Decision DP2018 250
Jan 30, 2019Notice of Decision DP2018 131AgendaWebcast
May 29, 2018Notice of Refusal DP2018 058Agenda -
May 14, 2018Notice of Approval DP2017 184Agenda -
Apr 09, 2018Notice of Approval DP2017 204Agenda -
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