Town of Canmore

Heliport Monitoring Committee

The Heliport Monitoring Committee monitors and reviews the business operations conducted by Alpine Helicopters in accordance with their pdf lease agreement (4.71 MB) with the Town.

The committee meets a minimum of twice per year. Additional meetings may be called if a complaint is received about Alpine Helicopters. Meeting dates, times and locations will be advertised on this calendar with a minimum notice of 24 hours. Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Webcasts (if applicable) are published below. The Alpine Helicopter Annual Reports are included in the Agenda package.

The committee consists of three public members, one representative from Alpine Helicopters, and one member of council. The public member term is three years. Committee members are appointed by Council in late October every year.

Public Members
Doug Fraser
Sandy Nemeth
Nick Servos

Alpine Helicopter Representative
Todd Cooper

Council Representative
Councillor Jeff Hilstad

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Heliport Monitoring Committee Documents

Meeting Documents

DateHeliport Monitoring Committee AgendasHeliport Monitoring Committee MinutesWebcast
Nov 02, 2020HMC AgendaHMC MinutesWebcast
Jun 27, 2019HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Nov 14, 2018HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Jun 27, 2018HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Apr 18, 2016HMC Agenda - -
Nov 23, 2015HMC Agenda - -
Sep 14, 2015HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Oct 16, 2014HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Apr 21, 2014HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Sep 23, 2013HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Oct 29, 2012HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Sep 24, 2012HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
Jul 10, 2012HMC AgendaHMC Minutes -
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