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Bylaws Pending Approval

Bylaw 2017-30: 120-130 Kananaskis Way Direct Control District

Bylaw 2017-34: Bow Valley Trail Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment - Residential Buildings

Bylaw 2017-30 proposes a new land use district that would allow for a five storey residential apartment building and potential accessory commercial uses at 120-130 Kananaskis Way. Bylaw 2017-34 proposes to amend the Bow Valley Trail Area Redevelopment Plan to allow, under limited conditions, entirely residential buildings - rather than requiring a minimum of 50% of commercial development. Additionally, the Bow Valley Trail “General” district is proposed to allow Council to establish additional building height, where buildings are not adjacent to Bow Valley Trail - as opposed to only directing a maximum building height similar to current height limits.

A public hearing for these bylaws was held November 28, 2017 at 5 p.m. Second reading is scheduled for Monday, December 19. 

See the proposed bylaws here: 

  pdf Bylaw 2017-30 120-130 Kananaskis Way Direct Control District (393 KB)
  pdf Bylaw 2017-34 Bow Valley Trail Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment - Residential Buildings (171 KB)

 For more information about this proposed development visit Kananaskis Way Residential Rental Apartment.


Bylaw 2017-36: Land Use Bylaw (LUB) 22-2010 updates

This Bylaw updates the Town of Canmore’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) 22-2010 to generally make it easier to understand, clarify interpretation practices, introduce improvements that mitigate wildfire and overland flooding risks, and re-align the Green Building Regulations with new federal and provincial program updates. This bylaw amendment is limited to administrative revisions and topics that did not receive opposition during public consultation.

A public hearing for these bylaws was held on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 5 p.m. Second and third reading are scheduled for January 9, 2018.  See the proposed bylaw here: 

pdf Bylaw 2017 36 2017 Land Use Bylaw Update (3.20 MB)

For more information about Land Use Bylaw updates visit Land Use Bylaw Updates.


The Public Hearing Process

To learn more about public hearing procedures visit our Public Hearings page.



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