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Bylaws Pending Approval

Bylaw 2018-22 Land Use Bylaw Update and Bylaw 2018-27 Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Amendment Steep Creek Hazard

What is proposed to change?

The last comprehensive update to the LUB was in 2010. In that time, there has been guidance from the new MDP and Council direction, as well as community feedback that requires another comprehensive update. The changes are significant enough to warrant a complete rewrite of the LUB - rather than a large-scale amendment. The proposed Land Use Bylaw 2018-22, if adopted, will repeal and replace the current Land Use Bylaw 22-2010. The proposed bylaw uses the framework of the existing LUB but improves wording, updates regulations, modifies dated sections, and introduces new regulations. Details of the proposed changes, public engagement, and next steps can be found at Land Use Bylaw Updates

To reflect consistency with the regulations in the proposed LUB, an MDP amendment to update regulations for Steep Creek Hazards is required. 

How can I give feedback?

Public hearings for these bylaw amendments were held on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. A second public hearing for both bylaws will be scheduled after second reading.  Dates are not yet confirmed, but tentatively administration is looking at Oct. 1 for second reading and Nov. 12 for the public hearing. 

Comments will be accepted after second reading, once the public hearing has been scheduled. For more information about the proposed changes visit New Land Use Bylaw.

Learn more about the Public Hearing Process

To find out how to make a submission and learn about what happens at a public hearing visit our Public Hearings page.



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