Town of Canmore

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Town of Canmore uses the Citizen Satisfaction Survey results to understand the needs and perceptions of residents, determine satisfaction with municipal services, identify spending priorities, identify areas for improvement, and overall quality of life in Canmore.

There is real value in conducting this exercise every few years to gather data on a broad number of benchmark questions as a tool to inform future priorities and direction for Town of Canmore Council and administration. The most recent survey results are below.

  pdf Spring 2017 (2.47 MB)

  • This was the first time the survey was done in the spring instead of the fall.
  • 98% of Canmore residents rate their overall quality of life as good or very good
  • Top of mind issues for residents are: social (affordable and available housing, cost of living), wildlife corridors, and growth and development.
  • While approximately 75% of the respondents indicated their quality of life in Canmore had improved or stayed the same over the past three years, the other 25% indicated it had worsened. This is the same trend in other nearby communities.
  • 76% of residents are satisfied with how the community is being run.
  • 83% of the respondents feel they are getting good or very good value for their tax dollars.
  • 94% of respondents are satisfied with the level and quality of the programs and service that the municipality provides.

  pdf Fall 2014 (1.41 MB)

  pdf Fall 2012 (2.13 MB)

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