Town of Canmore

Background - Economic Development Office


Historically, economic development services for the Town of Canmore were outsourced to an independent agency. From 2012 to 2016, the Town had a contract with Canmore Business and Tourism (CBT) to provide these services.  in December 2017, Council approved the establishment of an in-house Economic Development Department beginning in 2018. 

Core Functions

Facilitate Stakeholder Alignment

  • Work with industry leaders and partner organizations to align delivery of services and avoid duplication of efforts (TCK, CHLA, Downtown BRZ, BOWDA, Chamber of Commerce, Arts & Events etc.)

Support Business Retention and Expansion

  • Help to streamline processes and systems to make it easy to do business in Canmore
  • Provide mentoring and support for new start-ups and businesses wishing to grow

Support Business Innovation and Diversification

  • Understand local economic sectors and barriers to growth and expansion
  • Work with businesses in each sector to create sector-specific development plans
  • Attract new businesses aligned with sector targets
  • Lead a discussion with Council and community leaders regarding the role of growth in tourism and destination marketing in relation to economic development

Support the Arts & Events Department in their delivery of cultural and artistic programming

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