Town of Canmore

Election 2017

Municipal Election day
Monday, October 16, 2017

Election Results

Official election results can be found here.

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Voter Eligibility

Eligibility requirements, determining your residency, and forms of acceptable identification.

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Where to Vote

Information on advance voting, mail in ballots, and voting location on Election day.

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Information for Candidates

Nomination day, registering for campaign contributions, and a candidate information guide.

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Meet the Candidates

Current listing of candidates in the Canmore General Election Oct. 16.

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School Trustee Election

If either of our school boards require a trustee election, it will be included on the ballot for the general election.

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Election Finances

Election finance and disclosure regulations and disclosure statements from the last municipal election (2013).

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Election Workers

The Town of Canmore is accepting applications in for municipal election workers.

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