Election 2017

Municipal Election day
Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Candidate Registry

Individuals who file their notice of intent to become candidates are permitted to begin fundraising and receive donations for their campaign. Anyone intending to self-fund their campaign is not required to file a notice of intent, in accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act, section 147.21. Notices of intent have been filed by:

  • Jeff Hilstad
  • Sean Krausert
  • Ed Russell
  • Vi Sandford

Register to Collect Campaign Contributions

If you intend to run for office in 2017, you must register with the Town’s municipal clerk before you accept campaign contributions. This does not apply to a candidate whose entire election campaign is funded exclusively out of the candidate's own funds up to a maximum of $10,000. 

To register, print and complete the following form.  Your signature must be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths.  Commissioner for Oaths services are available for no cost at the Town of Canmore Civic Centre reception desk. Forward your completed form to Cheryl Hyde, Municipal Clerk, Town of Canmore Civic Centre. Information contained within the registry is public.

The application requires you to swear you have read several sections of the Local Authorities Election Act, which you can view online here

Information for Candidates

A candidate information package will be published in early summer 2017.  In the meantime, check back for updates to this page, and visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs election website for general information.

Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure

Candidates are responsible for understanding and complying with the provincial law governing election finances and contributions. Part 5.1 of the Local Authorities Election Act covers:

  • Campaign Disclosure Statements
  • Registration of Candidates
  • Self-funding
  • Limitations on Contributions
  • Duties of Candidates
  • Campaign Surplus

2013 Campaign Disclosure Statements

If a candidate's election campaign is funded exclusively from third party campaign contributions, or is funded from a combination of self-funding and third party contributions, the candidate must submit a campaign disclosure statement to the municipality on or before March 1 immediately following the general election. The campaign disclosure statement must be filed whether or not the candidate was elected. The following statements were filed in 2013:

Candidate Nomination

Nomination day is Monday, September 18, 2017 between 10 a.m. and noon. Anyone wishing to run for office must submit a complete Nomination and Candidate’s Acceptance form, in person or by proxy, at the Canmore Civic Centre during the hours set out for nomination day. Email, mail, and fax versions are not accepted.

The Nomination and Candidate’s Acceptance form will be available in 2017.

Past Election Results

  pdf 2013 General Election (35 KB)

  pdf 2012 By-Election (34 KB)

  pdf 2010 General Election (57 KB)

  pdf 2007 General Election (138 KB)