Town of Canmore

Election Results

Election Results

2017 General Election

2013 General Election (35 KB)

2012 By-Election (34 KB)

2010 General Election (57 KB)

2007 General Election (138 KB)

2017 Candidate Campaign Disclosure and Financial Statements

Election candidates who accepted contributions to help fund their election campaigns are required by the Local Authorities Election Act to file campaign disclosure and financial statements.  Candidates who did not accept contributions are exempt from this requirement. 

  pdf Blackwood Mark (Woody) (614 KB)

  pdf Borrowman, John (1.26 MB)

  pdf Christensen, Wes (1.17 MB)

  pdf Comfort, Esme (1.18 MB)

  pdf Csizmazia, Kim (885 KB)

  pdf Hilstad, Jeffrey (841 KB)

  pdf Jamieson, Jill (623 KB)

  pdf Laidlaw, Jeff (854 KB)

  pdf Marra, Karen (1.27 MB)

  pdf Russell, Ed (435 KB)

  pdf Sandford, Vi (828 KB)

  pdf Seeley, Rob (958 KB)

Election Office
Canmore Civic Centre, 902 7 Avenue
Returning Officer: Cheryl Hyde
Phone: 403-678-1550, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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