Policies are documents, approved by council resolution, that provide Town administration with overall guidance and parameters for decision making.

Arts and Events

Public Art Policy AE-001
Establishes standard practices and a stable funding mechanism to govern the commission, purchase, gift, donation, conservation, and de-accession of public art.

Community Events Policy AE-002
Directs the management, maintenance and growth of community events for the benefit of Canmore’s residents and visitors.


Community Engagement and Information Policy COM-001
Provides a framework for developing opportunities for the community to be informed of and/or be involved with decisions that affect the community.

Community Social Development

Community Grants Policy CSD-001
Establishes parameters for the provision of funding to Canmore-based not-for profit societies and community organizations that benefit residents of Canmore and enhance community programming.

Executive Office

Council Governance Policy EX-001
States council’s intentions regarding their approach to decision-making and how they will work together to achieve the distinct charge of council.

Council Remuneration Policy EX-002
Provides guidelines and procedures for the remuneration of council. Note: a new version of this policy will take effect on January 1, 2018.

Sponsorship Policy EX-003
Creates an authorized environment for the Town to enter into naming rights and sponsorship agreements with corporations, groups, or individuals.

Mediation Policy EX-004
Outlines the Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) program used by the Town to deal with disputes.

Land Transactions Policy EX-007
Sets parameters around the Town’s acquisition and disposal of land.


Budget Amendments Policy FIN-001
Establishes parameters for adjusting the budget, should unforeseen events require changes to the original budget plan.

 Carry Forward Project Policy FIN-002

Addresses the carrying forward of capital projects into the following fiscal year.

 Debt Management Policy FIN-003

Establishes objectives, principles, and parameters to guide the debt management practices of the Town.

 Investment Policy FIN-004

Sets out how funds received by the Town are considered for investment purposes, and how investments are chosen to provide optimal returns.

 Property Tax Policy FIN-005

States council’s guiding principles regarding their approach to setting property tax rates.

 Purchasing Policy FIN-006

Establishes the practices under which the Town conducts purchasing activities.

 Reserves Policy FIN-007

Establishes guidelines, limits, and conditions applicable to the segregation of the Town’s accumulated surplus into reserve funds.

 Tangible Capital Assets Policy FIN-008

Provides direction for the implementation of the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) requirements as they relate to tangible capital assets (TCA) owned by the Town.

Human Resources

 Benefits Policy HR-001

Establishes the benefits to which Town employees and elected officials are eligible.

 Code of Conduct Policy HR-002

Outlines the Town’s expectation regarding employee conduct and behavior, and addresses risk areas that an employee may encounter at work.

 Employment Related Legal Proceedings Policy HR-003

Establishes guidelines for when and how the Town will provide legal representation and compensation for its employees and elected officials.

 General Holidays Policy HR-004

Acknowledges the general holidays legislated under the Alberta Employment Standards Code and Regulation and establishes general holidays designated by the Town in addition to those which are legislated.

 Recruitment Policy HR-005

Establishes a framework for a consistent recruitment process.

 Employee Pay Policy HR-006

Provides for transparency and accountability with regard to the Town’s approach to establishing pay for employees.

 Time Away from Work Policy HR-007

Establishes the types of time away from work to which Town employees are eligible.

 Travel Expenses and Reimbursement Policy HR-008

Establishes the eligible travel expenses for which the Town will pay.

 Respectful Workplace Policy HR-009

Outlines expectations for the provision of a workplace that is respectful, dignified, fair, and free from inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.

Planning and Development

 Collection of Fees and Levies Policy PD-001

Refers to the collection of monies for the purpose of offsite levies, cash in lieu of parking, cash in lieu of municipal reserves and recreation contribution.

 Encroachment Policy PD-002

Addresses private encroachments on Town property.

 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Policy PD-003

Identifies the scope, content, and process for developing an Environmental Impact Statement.

 In-Street Patio Policy PD-004

Creates a standard for the use of road right of ways as patio or boardwalk space.

 Municipal Park Naming Policy PD-005

Establishes a system for the naming of parks within the municipality.

 Occupancy and Building Condominium  Endorsement Policy PD-006

Restricts the occupancy of buildings and the endorsement of the Building Condominium Plans until such time as the requirements for both the Building Code and the Land Use Bylaw have been substantially complied with.

 Parking Cash In Lieu Policy PD-007

Provides guidelines for implementing the parking cash in lieu program set out in the Land Use Bylaw.

 Perpetually Affordable Housing (PAH) Policy PD-008

Establishes guiding principles and parameters for PAH, a type of rental or owned housing that meets the demand for affordable housing.

 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Refund Policy PD-009

Addresses the payment and reimbursement of fees paid to the SDAB.

 Teepee Town Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) Task Force PD-010

Establishes the mandate and core functions of the Teepee Town ARP Task Force.

 Three Sisters Resort Core and Stewart Creek Commercial Village Municipal Reserves Policy PD-011

Refers to the dedication of municipal reserve lands and parcels within parts of the Three Sisters Mountain Village Resort Core and the Stewart Creek commercial village.

 Sustainability Screening Policy PD-012

Provides an opportunity to describe how a planning or development proposal will enhance sustainability initiatives and provide a net benefit to the community, and provides the Town’s decision-making bodies and the public with an opportunity to review these benefits.

 Steep Hazard and Risk Policy PD-013

Identifies the lands within the town that are impacted, or are potentially affected by, steep creek hazards, and outlines processes to be followed to ensure appropriate safety and sustainability of development.

Public Works

 Snow Removal Policy PW-001

Establishes a priority system for snow plowing and removal and ice control.

 Vehicle Replacement Policy PW-002

Sets parameters for the replacement of Town vehicles to address age, use, repair and maintenance costs, and mechanical condition.


 Facility Allocation Policy REC-001

Provides Town staff with guidelines and criteria to assist with facility allocation decisions.

 Recreation Services Operating Policy REC-002

Sets out the vision, mission and operating principles that guide the provision of recreation facilities, programs, and services.

 Recreation Services User Fee and Rental Rate Policy REC-003

Establishes a framework to establish pricing for recreation programs and facilities.